Merry Christmas to the Cottage

Metal Blue Standing Crane, 47" | At Home
Our New Blue Crane

It seems the cottage and I have become one. Before I explain that let me assure the Warriors, I love the fact when they think of me… They think of the cottage.

November was my birthday and this past week we celebrated Christmas. On both of those occasions, the cottage fared well in gifts.

This year for my birthday, I/the cottage received a bat house. Yes, you read that right a bat house. I wanted a bat house because we have just started seeing bats again in our area. Many were killed off by the White-Nose Syndrome which is a fungus disease that killed many bat populations in North America.

Since we saw the pair regularly over the summer, I figured it was time to put up a breeding box where they would be safe. And so I mentioned this, and low and behold, a bat box arrived wrapped in birthday paper.

There are also six new birdhouses that were gifted. I’m pleased to say, they were hand-made for the second tree of our birdhouse village.

A large Metal Blue Crane (picture at the top of the blog) was gifted that will go in the front garden by the deck and the kitchen that never gets finished, got new kitchen towels, a hand-made bread basket with a heating stone in it, and a sandwich maker.

The Warriors will be warmer by the Early Spring Fires as another gift that was received was a hooded blanket. This makes three of them for there to add to our wrap collection and lap quilts that the Warriors have made.

The most creative gift we received this year gives a big shout-out to the Children who got us an ice-maker.

I personally didn’t know they made portable ice-makers but apparently, some genius came up with this wonderful idea and two other geniuses bought one for the cottage.

Our amazing little ice maker

Now you may not see the big deal in what is my absolute favorite gift of the year, but let me explain this. We live an hour from the cottage. The nearest store/gas station is thirty minutes away from the cottage.

When we’re having parties or need to keep extra food in the coolers we have to bring ice to the cottage. We either bring it from the city or have to stop at the local gas station to buy the ice.

On the trip there we lose part of the ice in transport. And for some reason, ice has become costly. On an average weekend that we are having company, it can run up to twenty dollars for ice.

This new little machine makes more ice than we will need in one weekend and I can premake it when I need it, and all that is required is for it to be plugged in and add water. It’s like, ice magic.

So I would say the cottage/I have fared well this year for gifts.

I’m happy that when the Warriors think of me, they think of the cottage. It tells me two things. It tells me when they think of me, they think of the place they enjoy being at and when they are there, they are paying attention to what will make the Love Shack easier and more enjoyable for all of us.

So yeah for the cottage. She fared well over the past two months in gifts. And yeah for me. It’s nice to know where our Warrior’s minds go when they think of me. There is nothing that can beat that.

I’m sure our Lady feels the energy and love that is given to her just as much as I do. Just as we feel her safety and comfort when we are there.

Once New Years’ Celebrations are over, we’ll be planning the 2022 Season. Three months and six days till we open the cottage. But hey, who’s counting!

The answer. We all are!

Merry Christmas to the Cottage.

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