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I’m Lacie Sheldon Winters. I though it would be nice to let you get to know a little about me.

I live in Hamilton, Ontario. I immigrated to Canada at age nineteen from the Rolling Hills of  New York. I am a Nurse who specializes in Geriatric and Dementia, graduating for Mohawk College and a student at Mac Master University, studying Psychology. I also take writing courses at Mohawk College and anywhere else I can find them.

I am a mother of two grown children, and share my home with my husband and many pets, dogs, cats, birds and tropical fish.  In my spare time I collect Orchids and African Violets, shoot photography, garden, cook and traveling.

This is my Blog. It’s about the journey of building our Love Shack, but it’s also about cottage life.

I am presently in the late part of finishing my first book, with a 2017 release date planned.

I look forward to also getting to know you, with our communication through the blog.

Please fell free to contact me.

Email : lacie@buildingtheloveshack.com

Lacie Sheldon Winters


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