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I’m Lacie Sheldon Winters. I thought it would be nice to let you get to know a little about me.

I live in Hamilton, Ontario. I immigrated to Canada at age nineteen from the Rolling Hills of  New York. I’m a Nurse who specializes in Geriatric and Dementia, graduating from Mohawk College and a student at Mac Master University, studying Psychology. I also take writing courses anywhere else I can find them.

I’m a mother of two grown children and share my home with my husband and many pets, dogs, cats, birds and tropical fish.  In my spare time, I collect Orchids and African Violets, shoot photography, garden, cook and traveling.

This is my Blog. It’s about the journey of building our Love Shack, but it’s also about cottage life.

I’m presently in the late part of editing my first book and working on a cookbook.

I look forward to also getting to know you, with our communication through the blog.

Please feel free to contact me.

Email: lacie@buildingtheloveshack.com

Lacie Sheldon Winters


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