Happy Fathers Day

As the world slowly re-opens I am thankful this year to be able to have the family at the Love Shack. It has been since Christmas since we saw our family. I am grateful that all our family has survived this pandemic with no physical harm and only sightly financial hit. It was a pleasure … More Happy Fathers Day

Up Went the Cottage

A few years back we lifted the cottage up on blocks.     Unfortunately with all the rain, we had these past few years, we could visibly see the house was sinking again. We notice a difference in the roofline but also we were started to get some mild settling cracks on the drywall. A … More Up Went the Cottage


Patience: A noun meaning the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. I get it we are living in some pretty frustrating time. We have all been locked up for too long. Jobs have been put on hold. Those who are working are working in different experiences. We … More Patience