The Community Garden

I’m sitting at home and thanking my lucky stars right now. What a great weekend at the Love Shack. For me to make you understand how this joy came about, let me take you back to my blog postings from three years ago, when that terrible man with the nice wife and cute kids bought … More The Community Garden

We Still Do

Twenty years ago this little blonde walked down the isle accompanied by her favorite uncle. Before her walked her best friends and her daughter all dressed in lilac to go and meet a handsome man who was dressed in a tuxedo with tails, wearing a top hat, like her son and his grooms men. At … More We Still Do


With Fall knocking on the door and time on my hands, I decided to follow in the footsteps of the trees who when they’re done with their leaves, they let them go. And so it began The interesting thing about purging is where to begin. I decided to start with the hardest thing to let … More Purging

Sleeping Seven

A couple of weekends ago we finally had to time to do some shopping and made a couple of additions to the cottage. First, we took down the chandelier in the main room and replaced it with a ceiling fan. This heatwave that doesn’t seem to want to end this Summer forced us into the … More Sleeping Seven

The Doctors Orders

    Yesterday I was having a bad day at work. That wasn’t different from many other days, as a Nurse, we have a lot of bad days at work and since COVID came along we’re having more. But yesterday the stress finally kicked in and it was pretty much the same stressors I have … More The Doctors Orders