A Valentines Story

  The Love Shack is all about Love, so I couldn’t let Valentines Day go by without a Love Story. Once upon a time… No, really, it actually happened. On Valentines Day twenty-one years ago. My children and my boyfriend,  were acting kind of suspicious.  I had been asked that day about six times what … More A Valentines Story

Key-Lime Cheese Cake

Got the winter blahs… Add a little Summer to your day with this Cheese Cake recipe. Every now and again, I come up with a recipe that can’t wait for my cook book, The Cottage Cookbook to be released and I share it with my bloggers. This recipe has a Gluten Free option included.   … More Key-Lime Cheese Cake

Spring Planning

I know what you’re thinking… How can they possibly be working on the Love Shack, it’s Mid-January and the Cottage is closed. That’s true, but it is also not the way it works. We went up yesterday to check on the Love Shack. It was a foggy day at the lake. The temperature hit 4 … More Spring Planning