Oh No! Not Again!

As I drove to the cottage with the windows down listening to the radio, I couldn’t think of a better way to start off Cottage Season. Mother Nature had decided to give us a 25 Degree Celsius day to open up the cottage with. On the drive my mind was on the email I had … More Oh No! Not Again!

Purple Martins

With Spring’s early arrival and us returning to the cottage this weekend. It will be time to head back up on the ladders and put the birdhouses back in the Tree of Life. I’m excited to see if the Purple Martins have returned to the lake yet and because I talk about them so much … More Purple Martins

Happy Easter

Well its’s another strange Easter in the world today. Like last Easter, here in Ontario we are in lock-down and we’re only allowed to have the immediate family with us to celebrate. This is the day we traditionally also celebrate our son Sean’s birthday and little Juliette’s’ s birthday. But, for the second year in … More Happy Easter

The Convoy

Saturday morning we loaded up one trailer, two SUV’s and a truck, and headed to the lake. As we pulled out of the driveway with the vehicles, I laughed and said to Husband “My god, we have a Convoy.” When you first start to travel to the cottage you can easily get lost on the … More The Convoy

2021 Season

With six weeks to opening the cottage, it was time to sit down and figure out what the big plans for this year would be. After writing the list, we have a direction to start in. We now have our agenda for 2021. The first thing on our agenda is to get everyone’s water turned … More 2021 Season

Happy Valentines Day

Over the years we have had many specials Valentines Days starting with a romantic Husband who brought flowers and set up dinner for our first Valentines Day in front of the fireplace. This special day was also the day we got engaged on. Since, we have spent many years in many special places celebrating this … More Happy Valentines Day

The House Prisoner

A little while back I had a friend call me after I wrote one of my blogs and she said “were you in a bad mood today?” Apparently, so I’m told, that my mood shows up in my writing. Since she asked that question, I have been very careful when I write to not be … More The House Prisoner

Happy New Year 2021

This week we will be sitting down to make, what we now call our adjustable plans for this year, but first we stop to bring you belated blessing for the New Year. May 2021 bring to you Peace, Love, Happiness and Success. From All of us at the Love Shack