Patience: A noun meaning the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. I get it we are living in some pretty frustrating time. We have all been locked up for too long. Jobs have been put on hold. Those who are working are working in different experiences. We … More Patience

The Next Hero’s

I would like to start this blog off with an apology to my family and friends. As much as I miss you and enjoy your company and humor, there are some people that I’m missing slightly more than you at this moment.  I will explain. With finally a day off and nothing in dire need … More The Next Hero’s

Happy Easter

I was so relieved to hear the Easter Bunny was deemed an Essential Service in Canada. I couldn’t imagine what he would have done with all that chocolate he has gathered up for this special day.       I am also relieved to know the Tooth Fairy has also been deemed an Essential Service. … More Happy Easter

Who Will You Be?

Things here at the Love Shack have been very quiet. I have been working more. I’m a Nurse and I should be working more.  When I took my vow, which is what being a Nurse is, I made a promise and a commitment to take care of those in need. That’s a vow, not just … More Who Will You Be?