That Birthday Number

      We all have that one birthday number that we just don’t like… Well, I am hitting mine this weekend. Fifty-Five…. I didn’t know what it is about that number, but it’s just was not my favorite. Looking back, I remember thirty, that was also not my favorite number. There was something about … More That Birthday Number

Closing Time

And so it began, what we call the reverse trip to the cottage. In May is the opening and November is the closing. Everything you do in the Spring, you do the opposite in the Fall. The final trip is done. The lawn furniture is stored for the winter. The water-lines have been blown and … More Closing Time

Sunday Driver

The drive starts out with take a left at the stop sign and drive ten minutes down to the red light. Take another left at the red light and drive past restaurant row. When you come to the red light where the Tim Horton’s is, make a right and stay on that road.  In five … More Sunday Driver