Happy Easter

  Easter is here and that means we are now counting our weeks to get back to the Love Shack. In the mean time, it’s a cooking fest going on here. The lamb is marinating  to go on the grill. I have baked cup cakes and another cheese cake and this year… I made some homemade … More Happy Easter

Not the Easter Bunny

With it being two days to Easter and the beginning of the bunny breeding season, I couldn’t think of a better time to talk about rabbits. For the last five years, we have watched a family of rabbits in our backyard. If you look out the window after dark, you will see them eating the clover in our front … More Not the Easter Bunny

Is Bat a Fact?

Most people know about the damage that insecticides do to the birds and the bees. You see commercials on it and posting from bird and bee supporters. But, what about the Bats? I’m personally fond of the bats. That probably started when I was a kid and fell in love with the Flying Monkeys watching the Wizard of … More Is Bat a Fact?