Ready, Set, Stop

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It’s May first and it’s finally Spring. It’s hard to believe we had snow flurries two days ago and today we are hitting 27 Celsius.

The warmer weather took us up to the Love Shack to check on her, and what did we find? Something more shocking than the snow flurries. It seems the Love Shack is starting off-year three, with a water problem.

We turned the water on and could hear water running under the house. So, we turned the water back off.  In keeping with the tradition, it seems we’ll be going back under the house to fix a pipe.

At this point, we don’t know how much work there is. But our best guess is, Winter was hard this year and the pipe or pipes got damaged.

Right now there is a lot of water on the ground and its swampy is some areas of the yard. With the late snow seasons, the Spring runoff, that should have happened last month is just beginning now. This will make getting under the house more challenging and we will have to wait a week or two to get under there.

Besides that, all is well and we are getting ready to start working in a few weeks. But before we can get the Warriors up to start this year’s construction, our plan requires us to, ready, set, stop and fix the water, again.




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