A Time For Thanks

2022 has been one of the most memorable years of my life. There were some very exciting days and some very sad ones. Over the next few blogs, I’m going to take you through the Summer of 2022. The year things changed. Big decisions were made. My schooling was completed and the Warrior’s made plans … More A Time For Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving

Before we head up to the Love Shack to cook our family dinner and celebrate this Thanksgiving Weekend, we want to wish all the Canadians here and away from home, a very Happy Thanksgiving from Lacie, Enrico, Romeo, Juliette, and the Weekend Warriors. Be safe and enjoy the holiday.      

Turkey Pot Pie

We’re heading into Thanksgiving and following that meal comes to my favorite part of the dinner… The leftovers…   Here’s one of my favorite recipes from  The Cottage Cookbook. You can make this recipe with turkey or chicken.       Turkey Pot Pie Ingredients: 2 cups skinless, boneless chicken or turkey – cubed 1 cup … More Turkey Pot Pie

Apple Squash

    I promised one of my bloggers that I would get this recipe up for Thanksgiving and I always keep my promises, (good and bad). This recipe is so good, I don’t save it just for holidays, though it is a Thanksgiving tradition in our home. If you are looking for a recipe to … More Apple Squash