The New Grad

Oh Boy! That is the best way to describe this Summer… After two years of school, while working full-time, many times in Covid units, and still doing weddings, I did it… I graduated! Today made it official when I accepted my new position and joined the new team. I’m now hoping to have more time, … More The New Grad

One Busy Summer

Do you know how many tomatoes it takes to cut up to fill a four-quart crockpot? Or how long it takes to spoon out all those little seeds? It takes that long and longer. I couldn’t start out this blog without talking about our garden at the Love Shack. It’s been the center of the … More One Busy Summer

Photography Contest

Now its your turn to share your Pictures. This contest is open for you to submit your pictures. I am looking for your pictures from this Summer of 2016. There are three categories: Summer at the Cottage, Building at the Cottage and Wildlife from the Cottage. Summer ends on the 21 of September, 2016. The … More Photography Contest