And She Turned 79

Today is the Anniversary of the purchase of the Love Shack. It was May 12, 2016 when we started our journey into the unknown world of cottage renovations. I had no idea back then that this project would take years, and many of them, to turn our then 74 Year Old Lady in to a … More And She Turned 79

Time to Play

After three months of gutting, drilling, hammering and hauling materials to the cottage, it was time to play. Today was not about what we could get done. It was time to do what the cottage was built for, entertain the Weekend Warriors and their families. Our family. Cottage bound. Swims Suits packed. Water Guns and … More Time to Play

A Very Special Gift

The first walls were up and rooms are now starting to resemble bedrooms. This sent my mind to thinking, that we should do something to mark the time of the renovation on our seventy-o… Source: A Very Special Gift

Photography Contest

Now its your turn to share your Pictures. This contest is open for you to submit your pictures. I am looking for your pictures from this Summer of 2016. There are three categories: Summer at the Cottage, Building at the Cottage and Wildlife from the Cottage. Summer ends on the 21 of September, 2016. The … More Photography Contest