And She Turned 79

Today is the Anniversary of the purchase of the Love Shack. It was May 12, 2016 when we started our journey into the unknown world of cottage renovations. I had no idea back then that this project would take years, and many of them, to turn our then 74 Year Old Lady in to a … More And She Turned 79

Mystery Bloggers Award

The Mystery Blogger Award     Thank you to A Leap of Faith   for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award.   It’s always an honor when another blogger chooses you for an award. Unfortunately, at this time and over the past few months, I have not had the time to answer the questions and … More Mystery Bloggers Award

900 Plus Emails

Just stopped in to say Hello. I have been a very busy girl lately with work and have not been on line for the past week. When I opened my husbands computer… No I still don’t have mine back yet…. I have over 900 emails to go through. I am working on them.   On … More 900 Plus Emails

Life With A Puppy

Lets get a puppy…Romeo… Oh Boy. He was tiny and cute when we brought him home. Now at fifty lbs and not quiet five months old he has become Devil Dog. I forgot how much energy a puppy has, and I also forgot how much energy a puppy takes. My morning starts with me waking … More Life With A Puppy

A Year in Review

What seems like a long, long time ago I had this friend named Dean. Every year Dean would write a Year in Review. I use to wait to read them. They were funny and sincere. Honest to fault, and would include many things about his life and his friends. Dean is the first person who … More A Year in Review

1000 Visitors

  It’s hard to believe, I never thought this Blog would take off. After all who wants to hear a story about an old cottage, a mid-life crisis, a married couple and their dog… That was July of 2016. As of today, this blog has been viewed by a 1000 Visitors in thirty-six countries. I … More 1000 Visitors