A Happy Mothers Day

We must apologize for our late Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there. Our late posting is related to, this Mother’s Day has been the most exciting Mother’s Day we have had at the Love Shack since we purchased her seven years ago. My explanation for our tardiness comes with great news. I’m … More A Happy Mothers Day

Dirty Birdie Looks

On the second weekend of this month, we were able to head to the cottage to officially open up. It was a happy day for us and of course, Romeo and Juliette were excited. Mother Nature was not making any promises about giving us an early Spring this year. And true to her prediction of … More Dirty Birdie Looks

Spring is in the Air

A few weeks ago I was walking toward the car and stopped to listen when I heard my favorite sound, the birds chirping. The Robin Red Breasts had returned to Southern Ontario. It’s always a good day when they arrive and strangely enough, they seem to appear on or around the same date. Also interestingly, … More Spring is in the Air

Honey To Do 2022

Yup, it’s that time of the year again, out comes the checklist or the dream list of Spring. Every Winter we sit and talk about what is going to get done in the next Cottage Season and every Fall we say well that gets moved to the next year because something else came up. And … More Honey To Do 2022

Happy Valentines Day 2022

Let me start by sharing a little secret with you, this is Husbands and my 25th Valentine’s Day together. It’s also the day that we got engaged. Valentine’s Times Day remains our day, and we try to keep that special every year by never missing doing something special together. Traditionally we go on vacation. The … More Happy Valentines Day 2022