Bad Blogger

If I was to get an award this year it would be the Bad Blogger Award.   It seems that we are so busy this year that I never have time to sit down and write. It also explains why I’m struggling to get those last few chapters done with the second edits on ” … More Bad Blogger

Happy Thanksgiving

Before we head up to the Love Shack to cook our family dinner and celebrate this Thanksgiving Weekend, we want to wish all the Canadians here and away from home, a very Happy Thanksgiving from Lacie, Enrico, Romeo, Juliette, and the Weekend Warriors. Be safe and enjoy the holiday.      

Turkey Pot Pie

We’re heading into Thanksgiving and following that meal comes to my favorite part of the dinner… The leftovers…   Here’s one of my favorite recipes from  The Cottage Cookbook. You can make this recipe with turkey or chicken.       Turkey Pot Pie Ingredients: 2 cups skinless, boneless chicken or turkey – cubed 1 cup … More Turkey Pot Pie

Dear Lacie August 2019

I sat down this morning and went through the emails and found this month’s questions seem to be one of my unfavorite subjects… Bugs… So let’s get rid of them. Question number one: Lacie, I noticed in some of your pictures your cottage seems to face a farmer field. We live in the country and … More Dear Lacie August 2019