Season Four Has Begun

It’s hard to believe this is our fourth-year at the cottage. They say as you get older the time moves faster. Our time seems to now pass between Cottage Season and Non-Cottage Season.   Each year at the Love Shack is filled with more accomplishments and more challenges. And there are the setbacks. After our first inspection, … More Season Four Has Begun

The List

Are you a list maker? I am a list maker. I make a list for myself from everything to what to buy at the grocery store to what renovation needs to be done at both houses. I also make a Honey To Do List for Husband, which he never reads and hands back to me … More The List

Housework and Dogs

Housework and dogs. Now there’s an oxymoron. Getting back from our trip, there are things to do, things to undo and things that needed to be done before we went away that got left behind. Then there is Romeo and Juliette who is trying to help. Unfortunately, their version of trying to help and mine … More Housework and Dogs