With Fall knocking on the door and time on my hands, I decided to follow in the footsteps of the trees who when they’re done with their leaves, they let them go. And so it began The interesting thing about purging is where to begin. I decided to start with the hardest thing to let … More Purging

Sleeping Seven

A couple of weekends ago we finally had to time to do some shopping and made a couple of additions to the cottage. First, we took down the chandelier in the main room and replaced it with a ceiling fan. This heatwave that doesn’t seem to want to end this Summer forced us into the … More Sleeping Seven

The Doctors Orders

    Yesterday I was having a bad day at work. That wasn’t different from many other days, as a Nurse, we have a lot of bad days at work and since COVID came along we’re having more. But yesterday the stress finally kicked in and it was pretty much the same stressors I have … More The Doctors Orders

Making Progress

The past few weekends have been super busy at the Love Shack. We’re still dealing with the God Awful Heat here in Southern Ontario but we had to suck it up and keep working and so we have. We also had our first emergency at the cottage. Romeo got a bladder infection at the cottage … More Making Progress

The Decking Challenge

The time seems to be flying by this year at the cottage. It’s hard to believe that August is knocking on the door leaving us only three more months of cottage time. The heatwave in Southern Ontario keeps coming in with unmanageable temperatures making it difficult to work. It is also making it difficult to … More The Decking Challenge

Happy Fathers Day

As the world slowly re-opens I am thankful this year to be able to have the family at the Love Shack. It has been since Christmas since we saw our family. I am grateful that all our family has survived this pandemic with no physical harm and only sightly financial hit. It was a pleasure … More Happy Fathers Day