What Came Next/Sold

Once Husband and I had made the final decision to sell the cottage, we talked to the Warriors. That’s when we got the biggest surprise. They felt the same way we did. They were no longer happy at the cottage either.

They only came because we were there. What surprised us the most, was all the things we hated, they did too. They said… Sell it.

So we sat down with them and asked, what would you like to have at our next place.

The list included: Closer to home. Everyone was tired of the drive. A pool. No one used the lake.

Enough room to have all of us at the same time. We had now grown into a group of twenty-two.

Parking was a must. Fences for privacy. Everyone was tired of being watched when we drove in and out and whenever we were together.

A hot tub and a bar were on the list. And everyone agreed it wasn’t fair for the dogs to have to be locked on the deck all the time. It had been five years since we took the dogs for a walk due to the dog situation up there.

We all wanted a finished kitchen to bake in with two ovens to cook family dinners and a deck big enough to hold at least two BBQs and comfortably sit all twenty-two of us for dinners.

What was not needed: A garden or maybe just a small one. We all missed going to fairs and farmers’ markets. And the stores being miles away.

Now that I had access to the real estate listings, I was sent out on this adventure.

I booked appointments to see houses and brought them with us. We had house shopping trips and dinner parties after. The group was having a blast finding the new hangout. And we were ecstatic to have them helping choose this time.

In the meantime, Husband and I let it privately be known that the cottage was for sale.

In one day, I had three people interested in the cottage and I hadn’t even listed it yet.

We spoke to the potential buyers keeping in mind a promise I had made to the ladies at the cottage who asked that “I would find them someone as nice as I was”.

The first one was taken off the list before I met with them. They were not the right ones. One I never spoke with, I didn’t like the idea of him having the cottage and the third one was a lovely lady. She met with Husband and he liked her.

In three hours the cottage was sold at the full asking price. An agreeable closing date was set.

We agreed to finish the siding for her and she would put in her own kitchen. No, that kitchen never did get completed.

I also asked one other thing. I was not going to put the for sale sign up because I wanted to tell the ladies we had sold and we just wanted to leave quietly. We had experienced enough commotion in one week that would last us a lifetime.

On the funny side of this, we the quiet neighbors who never left our property suddenly became the most popular neighbors. Or at least the most popular on the telephone game.

Suddenly, I was getting phone calls from neighbors who I don’t ever remember giving my phone number and visits from others. Some who came to visit we knew, and some we had never met before.

They came because they had heard (the telephone game) and were horrified about what had happened to us over the three-minute dog incident from the people with the “shit dog.”

The stories we were being told were going back over twenty years about that same family and the incidents they had experienced.

We politely thanked them for their support and gave our symphony for what they had experienced.

On the other side of that, suddenly after seven years, there were complaints about the dogs barking. Did I mention the dogs hadn’t been there in four weeks?

The funniest complaints were from the ones who were now afraid of the dogs. I don’t know if I mentioned this but we were located at the end of the road, facing the farmer’s field. If someone was down near our cottage, they were trespassing and shouldn’t have been there. But ok.

So now, Cottage Country was divided. It was them against us and apparently our supporters against them and theirs against us.

Now, remember, no one knew we had sold except a handful of need-to-know and the Warriors who were not telling anyone till moving day. ‘

As for that neighbor that we got stuck with, he finally figured out that I meant what I said and he finally stayed away from us. Though I did hear many different versions of his side of the story. Most felt he was so stoned he probably couldn’t remember what he said to get me mad enough to tell him off.

In forty years of owning houses, we had never had a disagreement with a neighbor. This was new to us. We now know what it’s like and have the utmost sympathy for those who have bad neighbors.

This telephone game had confirmed our first decision when we first bought the cottage, to stay quietly to ourselves, and our last one, to sell the Love Shack.

Normally, I hate gossip and try to put an end to it. But we now found all of this nonsense entertaining and just sat back and listened and there was no point in adding fuel to the fire. ( Can you see the book material from this?)

And at this point, we were leaving and frankly didn’t care.

The Warriors were excited about our new location and our new plans. And the new lady would take over the cottage soon. Hallelujah!

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