The Decks and Siding are Completed

How did we spend the Summer? Why building of course.

The back deck had lived a long life and was now dying of old age and it needed to go.

For Fun I pulled up the original picture of the back of the house and yes we still had this small part of the deck on the back.

Since we had already built the deck that covered the whole front of the house and then added the enclosed porch, it was time to go the next step and adjoin the newer back deck to the rest of the deck and wrap it around to join the enclosed porch.

In the new pictures, you will also note, that the siding also got put up this year.

The bar side of the back deck with the new railings.
The barbecue area was added replacing that sad old deck.

The side walking area was added to be able to enter the enclosed porch from the back and an area for garbage was added to the side of it with room under to store firewood.

And since we are doing decking and siding, I figured we might as well post the old front.

The Original House.

This is when we bought her.

The House Today.

She certainly looks different than she did so many years ago when I named her the Love Shack.

The siding was the last project to be done. It took us till the end of September to get it completed.

We are very proud of the Warriors and the work they volunteer to do for food and wine. But the one I am most proud of is my Husband. He had a vision when we bought her. I couldn’t see what he did that day seven years ago.

Together we took this old shack, with no water, hydro, or heat, and turned her into something that will be admired for years.

8 thoughts on “The Decks and Siding are Completed

  1. You have earned the right to be so proud of yourselves!!! Beautiful transformation! The feeling of satisfaction must be over the top!!!

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  2. My goodness — what a transformation. There is simply little or no comparison between the old photographs and the last one. You, husband and the Warriors have done a magnificent job.. The transformation is a credit to you all..

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