A Happy Mothers Day

We must apologize for our late Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there. Our late posting is related to, this Mother’s Day has been the most exciting Mother’s Day we have had at the Love Shack since we purchased her seven years ago.

My explanation for our tardiness comes with great news. I’m pleased to say we have seventeen bird nests on our property this year. And I confess, I spent the day cleaning up the gardens and hanging out with the birds.

The new birdhouses that were gifted to us from Sherri were the bird’s first picks this year. Besides those houses, Mama Dove has returned to her Tree of Life. The Blackbirds have returned to nesting in the shed and over the back door and a Redwing Blackbird has built her nest in the smaller tree at the end of the driveway, which is the first time we have had a nest there. And most of the other houses have been occupied also.

With the present sets of seventeen bird parents, should all their eggs hatch, we will have between fifty to sixty baby birds this year born at the cottage.

I am also pleased to say that the birds feel no threat by us or the furbabies. We are free to move around the property and work under the trees and in the gardens without upsetting anyone. They fly in and out above the deck and us as we wander around, leaving and returning to their nest regularly.

I do love watching them but I’m starting to think they find us entertaining as well. I often find them sitting in their homes looking out the entrance. And when I look up they seem to be quite content and appear to be watching our activities.

I admit to taking great pride when a terrible rainstorm came and I could see them sitting in their houses nice and dry looking out those small entrances. It left a good feeling knowing we contributed to their safety and warmth during the storm.

This weekend we hung up our first Humming Bird Nesting Box.

A Humming Bird Nesting Box

Until this week I didn’t know such a thing existed and I admit besides knowing what kind of feeder to hang, I know nothing about them. I’m sure that the little Hummingbirds will be my next adventure in Birdland.

I hope we are forgiven for our late post, but we do have a very large family to look over and we must keep their area safe and clean.

Happy Mothers Day

Love Lacie, Husband, the Warriors, the Furbabies, and our Seventeen Nesting Families

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