Thankful at Thanksgiving 2021

We at the Love Shack wanted to stop by to wish all the Canadians living home and abroad a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy thanksgiving Canada - American Greetings Blog

I am happy to share with you, thanks to our large vaccination rates we are able to have a normal Thanksgiving. With this being one of our first holidays with some return to normal, it’s a busy one here. The stores have been busy, the roads have been busy, and I must say people are generally happier.

I heard the most lovely sound on Friday as we were reporting off at work. Laughter. I haven’t heard a group of people at work laughing in a very long time. It was lovey to hear and something to be, yes, thankful for.

Our list of thankfuls this year are large.

We are happy to have had the two months with Julie and Gary who were finally able to come to Canada and see the cottage that they bought, which has now become their second home. It was also nice from them to meet the people who worked on their cottage and they have made many new friends.

We’re lucky to still have our jobs. And are happy to see so many returning to work with massive hiring everywhere.

This year brought many loses to the Warriors and they had some hard hits this year but in the end, they have come back stronger and are on their feet. We are thankful to have each to them in our lives and to see the joy they bring to each others lives.

And mostly we are thankful to have our family both blood and chosen. We too had some hard hits this year which I will tell you about in other blogs as we go long.

But for now, I am making a promise to catch you up on the Summer at the Love Shack. We do have stories to share and I will share them with you.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada

With thankful hearts,

Lacie, Husbands, the Fur Babies and the Warriors

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  1. So lovely to see this today! Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in Canada! We, too have a lot to be thankful for, when our American Thanksgiving comes around in November, I will share same. Thankful you had a wonderful summer, and are finally able to get back together again with your family and friends – as we are too. It’s been a tough couple of years for us here, as everywhere, but God has truly been merciful, and we never forget to give thanks every day. God bless you, Lacey and all your loved ones.

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