A Family Celebration

I am pleased to announce we were finally able to get the family all together again and have our Family Birthday Party. The weather co-operated and it was a lovely day to spend on the deck, sit back and share a drink and enjoy the chatter and laughter that happens when we’re all together.

Jessy and Jodi enjoying a drink on the deck

Mother Natures showered us with sunshine and a nice breeze while we had an opportunity to shower each other with some lovely gifts. Romeo and Juliette were happy to see Nono and the presents he got for his 5th birthday were of course bought in two’s to be shared with his sister.

Nono and Romeo and Juliette

Thou I’m sure the Fur Babies thought the party was just for them, we also celebrated Husbands, Nonos, Jessies, Bonnies, and Karens birthday. This year we also added in Sean, who the past two Easters when we usually celebrate his birthday, got short changed because of lock downs.

The family got to experience the Pork I cooked over Apple Wood in the Smoker, a toy I had to have this year as I expend the back deck into a cook center.

Since most of us have become non-smokers in the past year and we’re all working on the healthy side of life, we decided to do a completely healthy meal. Along with the Smoked Pork we had Grilled Chicken and Lamb Shish-kabobs, Grilled Vegetables and Grilled Baby Potatoes. There were lots of Raw Vegetables with many types of Fresh Dips and Breads.

We of course could not skip on the Cake, after all it is a Birthday Party, but did serve a tray of Fresh Fruits and another of Fresh Berries.

The party lasted well past dark when everyone was finally tired and ready for a good sleep after much conversation and full bellies.

It was such a sigh of relief to finally have us all back together again. The one thing that did not change over the lockdown period was the way this family interacts and the pleasure we have in being together with a plate of good food in front of us.

The party also gave me a chance to show off my gardening skills to the family.

Karen in the Garden

As you can see by the picture of my plants with my Daughter-in-Law standing in the middle of them, who is 5 foot 7 inches tall, the plants are growing quite well. And no, I am still not adding anything to make them grow. It’s just dirt sunshine and water. I think at the next family gathering vegetables will definitely be on the menu.