Slipping in a Little Work at the Love Shack

As the vaccinated numbers are increasing, we are hoping that the borders between the United States and Canada will be reopening soon. This will hopefully allow Julie and Gray to come up and see their cottage and finally get to stay in it.

That being said, we’ve been working steady to rebuild their kitchen and get the water running in their cottage. I’m happy to say the exterior walls, the electrical, the insulations, dry wall and new lighting have been put in. The new taps for the washer and dryer are also in and next, starts the plumbing, and the taping and puttying.

Next week I’ll be ordering their new kitchen cabinets, counter tops and sink. In the mean time, we are holding on to the old one just incase the border opens faster then the supplies come. Ah Covid!

When we run out of supplies for the Warrior’s Cottage, the guys have been slipping over to do a little work on the Love Shack.

I’m pleased to say that we have the outside walls up on the enclosed porch and we were able to eat our first meals there this past weekend. We had to bring the dining table from the back deck forward as I have now ordered three different dining sets to have all them all canceled related to lack of supply. Yes Covid again.

With that minor inconvenience, it’s a lovely place to have dinner while watching the sunset. The fur babies are also pleased to have an extended area to run and play and it’s also a good place for them to take an afternoon nap out of the direct sun.

Christina and Romeo. She was trying to get him to look at me with no luck.

The view of the front

A new canopy went up on the back deck this past weekend. The Fall Winds tore large holes in the last one making it more air-conditioned then weather protection. And again, it was a challenge to replace with not being able to go into the stores.

I had to order many till I found the right fit and then of course we had to ship the returns back. I’m now on first name bases with the postmaster. She no longer asks what I’m shipping back. Instead she just smiles and says have a nice day.

And then there is my favorite part of the past weekend. Christina and I were able to get the gardens cleared and ready for their blossoms to show. These are the Daffodil Blubs I planted last fall which are now in full show.

I now have converted Christina into watching the birdhouses and I think I have made Purple Martin fans out of her and our neighbor who has put up his first birdhouse. As I’m writing this, I’m waiting for a delivery of a pair of binoculars to be able to get a better view of the local birds. These are quiet the binoculars as they have an attachment area for my phone so I can use the camera. Add in the birdhouses and the new feeders going up this weekend, I would say I have officially become a bird watcher.

This weekend coming, we will be planting the vegetable gardens and hopefully cooking out first meal in the new Smoker that the guys put together for me on Sunday.

Covid has slowed us down, but Spring and Construction continues at the Love Shack.

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