And She Turned 79

Today is the Anniversary of the purchase of the Love Shack. It was May 12, 2016 when we started our journey into the unknown world of cottage renovations.

I had no idea back then that this project would take years, and many of them, to turn our then 74 Year Old Lady in to a livable and loveable place that she is today.

Our Lady when we purchased her in 2016

This Spring she turned 79 and she looks better today than ever.

When the work stopped at the end of the Season of 2020.

Not only is the outside a completely different looking cottage, the inside has no resemblance of what she used to be.

This was the Main Room and the Master Bedroom

The Main Room Today

She still needs her kitchen and this is going to be the year for that. Instead of replacing the back deck, we decided that I really do need a kitchen. You will probably hear me celebrating across the world when those new cupboards and counters tops finally go in. If you are standing outside and in the wind you think you heard a Woo Hoo, that will be me.

The vegetable garden is in the process of going in on the new extra land we acquired last year and I will get that enclosed porch I have always wanted.

This year the construction is about making life easier and more enjoyable, and doing what we have waited five seasons past to do, enjoy her.

On the personal side of this blog, I read back to when I started the blog back in July of 2016. My how my writing has changed and also my photography. Thank god to both. It seems not only has the Love Shack grown, so have I.

There has been many hands along the way to help us with the Love Shack. When I look back at those pictures I remember the fun, the food and the laughter that came along with the helping hands.

The best part of all those hands is when I see them today, sitting on the deck with a glass of wine or beer in their hands and more food being served, I still hear the laughter.

Each year we will celebrate the ownership of the Love Shack, because she really is a place of hope. The hopeless looking cottage became the foundation of so much.

Happy Anniversary Love Shack and Happy 79th Birthday!

15 thoughts on “And She Turned 79

  1. I’d have sworn you’d been writing the love shack longer than that. It’s been a long, sometimes fun but mostly hard journey with a fantastic outcome.
    The only question I have is, if she was 72 when you started writing in 2016 then she’s only 75 now but it’s much more significant birthday.
    Huge Hugs

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  2. A very Happy Birthday Lady Love Shack. You have changed over the years and are looking very much better, so much so it tends to belie your 79 years, You are more of a Bright Young Thing of the of the 1940s/ 1950s. You look remarkable and I am honoured to be a witness to some of your changes over the last year or so. I wish you well as your adventure continues and that your present custodians continue to shower on you the love you so richly deserve. This time next year, if I am still here, I will remember and raise a Glass to “An Absent Friend”.

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  3. It’s been a beautiful adventure. You’ve come a long way baby. LOL, It’s so much fun to watch her grow. thank you for sharing this hidden treasure with all of us.

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