Happy Mothers Day/My Confession

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Normally I would send off a Happy Mothers Day to my bloggers, co-workers and friends and that would be it. I would have done my kindness and be on with my day.

But this year I have a confession. I almost forgot Mothers Day! My daughter-in-law sent me a text asking what I would like for dinner on Mothers Day and I looked at the text and thought gee she is a little early this year.

As it was, we had planned to be home this weekend and not at the cottage. But the reason for that is Husband was getting his vaccine and I didn’t want him too far from the hospital just incase he had a reaction.

I also thought that the guys could use a break as they have been busy working on the Warriors Cottage after the water disaster that caused us to have to remove one of the exterior walls of the kitchen and all of the inside of the kitchen, equaling a complete gut job. They have been working hard the past four weeks and now are in the process of installing a completely new kitchen, starting with the electrical.

So that was my plan. I simply thought they needed a rest and I would feel safer, not that I expect Husband to have a reaction, but I just don’t take chances when it comes to him after the heart scare.

How could I forget Mothers Day you ask? The answer is, most women who have families will tell you that they usually to busy to think of themselves and they put themselves last. It’s a Mom thing. But there’s more to it than that.

A few years back I first lost my Mother and the next year my Grandmother. With them both being gone, I lost the privilege of having someone to shop for and send flowers to.

You see we forget in our busy lives that having Mothers and Grandmothers is a privilege that not every one has. But what else is a privilege is having children and a daughter-in-law who remember you, even when you forget yourself.

This Mothers Day, not only am I giving a shout out to all the Mothers and Grandmothers but also to the children who take the time to remind us that we are special to them. Thank you to them as they are really what makes Mothers Day Special.

I must admit I got spoiled by them again. I received a new tablet to take to the Love Shack with me. Now I can down load all those recipes and instructions on how to use my new smoker. But the best part of this weekend is having children who are never to old to flop on my bed and chat and watch TV with me. That’s better than all the gift anyone could buy.

And now my traditional: Happy Mothers Day. I hope you have a wonderful day and know how important you are.

Sending Love

Lacie, Husband, Romeo and Juliette and The Warriors

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  1. Hope your Mother’s Day was great. I was thrilled to be able to see my daughter who has been working lots of overtime and unable to visit for almost a month!

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