Follow Up on Poor Customer Service at Staples

I did promise to do a follow-up on the outcome of the terrible behavior of the staff member from The Staples Store on Hamilton Mountain.

Staples Canada releases sustainability report – The Recycler - 09/08/2017

First, I want to say to every one who helped me to get to the mangers, thank you. Second, I would like to let you know, my blog reached many of the mangers.

Today I receives a phone call from a very polite and pleasant women from Staples. She asked about what happened and I was able to explain the circumstance not only of my experience but what happened the day before with Husband and the reports from my bloggers.

She did let me know that serval levels of management are involved with the investigation and she does want to hear from others who have had this experience.

She did tell me that during the investigation they did find areas that needed improvement including cutometer care. She stated that education was provided to the guilty employee. Beyond that, as law provides, she can’t tell me what the outcome for the employee was and I would not expect her to do so. But she would be taking the additional information back to the on going investigation.

They have given me a refund for my order but I unfortunately still feel that I will not shop at that location again as I never want to deal with that person again.

If others have had a bad experience they would still like to hear from you.

Thank you so much for your help and your support during this very unpleasant experience.

Hugs to my bloggers.


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