Decking Stage Two

The Cottage on June 5 , 2020

We started this season with the front on the cottage being a blank slate. With many long days working in the high heat and humidity, and it’s was really lovely when we had stage-one of the decking project completed this year.

Sept 2020

We first surprised the family and Warriors while working on deck-one with the idea of doing a covered porch on stage -two. And then we surprised them again when we added on to the plan.

To those of you out there who are like me, a mosquito’s favorite food, which makes dusk, a time to run and close the door behind you, these additions to the plan will make perfect sense to you.

Since the bugs love me and I don’t love them and we were already adding a roof over head, we figured we might as well add some sides to the porch. Add in some screens, and a door or two, and turn it into a screened-in porch.

Of course now that we’re going to have a screened-in porch we’re going to need some hydro to have lights and play a radio and why we are there we might as well add a fireplace.

What went from a simple covered porch to sit and watch the lighting storms on a hot summer night and turned it into the plans for the cottage hang out on a hot summer night or even a cool one.

This year we were able to get the roof completed and the framing for the sides are up. We brought up new fireplace for the porch to the cottage and we were able to take off the old siding on the front and side of the cottage and replace the frame work for the exterior roofline.

Decking Part-Two Underway

Our massive Deck took up our Summer construction time and now we have run out of time, making construction season officially ended at the Love Shack. As much as we hate it, it really is closing time. On the upside, at least we know where will we be starting off next year, back to Deck Number Two.

October 31, 2020

As one of our Warriors said to me, “she sure doesn’t look like the same house”. How large our Little Lady looks now with all that extra outside living space. And that is what cottage life is, outside living. It’s a toss-up who loves this new deck more, the humans or the fur babies. But for now it’s time to put the tools away and it’s closing time.

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