Being Thankful and Happy Thanksgiving Canadians

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We started a tradition five years ago when we bought the cottage. We have have our Thanksgivings at the lake. It’s something we look forward to. The smell of the turkey in the oven and the vibrant colors of Fall with the background sounds of the lake has become our Thanksgiving. It is also the time to say “see you in the Spring” to some of our cottage neighbors as this is close-up weekend for many of them.

Now that we are in our second wave of Covid 19, adding this Thanksgiving to the list of Covid holidays, we are following safety precautions and having only the household members for dinner. Because of this we decided if we weren’t having company we might as well stay home and get somethings done around the house.

It’s been a strange week with no calls confirming dinner time or questions of what can I bring. It feels strange to not to pack up the holiday food or to add chairs to the table to make room for guest.

I also miss the company of those who always arrive early to help out in the kitchen and set up. And I have to tell you, cooking smaller amounts of food seems odd, and is really not that much less work than cooking for a larger group.

Covid has taught us that sharing and being together is the most important thing we have and because of it I was told that next year will be different. Meaning, this will be the last Thanksgiving meal that I’ll be cooking the full meal. The family, the Warriors and our friends have helped me decide that we’re going to simplify, share and enjoy each other a little more.

Next year, (Covid provided) we’ll be starting a new tradition at the Love Shake. We’ll be having a Thanksgiving Pot Luck and Bonfire. It sounds fun and I like the idea of having everyone together in simpler conditions.

Next year will also be a new beginning as Julie and Gary will be here to celebrate their first Canadian Thanksgiving. Something else we are looking forward to. By this time next year they will know the rest of the Warriors and some of the co-cottagers adding new things in their lives to be greatful for.

Though this holiday feels more like the image at the top of the post, it’s one we are still greatful for. 2020 has, yes, been a strange year and many changes happened this year.

We have been lucky that all have been well and the changes although seemed not so good in the beginning have turned out to be good in the end. We have also learned to continue to look forward and go forward. And we have also learned how to adjust making changes to make things work. But the thing we have all learned this years is to be thankful for each other, good health and positive outcomes.

The blah holiday at home this year has encouraged us to have a better one next year and to share it with more. Sharing the love at the Love Shack is what we do best and Covid has taught us to do it more and do it better.

To all the Canadian here at home and afar, we want to take this time to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. And to all, be safe and be well.

Lacie, Husband, Juliette, Romeo and the Warriors

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