The Community Garden

I’m sitting at home and thanking my lucky stars right now. What a great weekend at the Love Shack.

For me to make you understand how this joy came about, let me take you back to my blog postings from three years ago, when that terrible man with the nice wife and cute kids bought the cottage behind us.

For the past three years every interaction with that man has been unpleasant for everyone who encountered him. He had a bad attitude, a singing voice of a drunken sailor and a dog who pooped every where including on everyone lawns and barked at night. This man was generally one of the rudest people myself and other cottagers have ever met, but it has finally come to an end. He has sold his cottage and moved on.

Behind him he left twenty-seven piles of dog poop. I know as I am the one who cleaned it up. The front of the house had so much garage I’m sure the trucks tomorrow will refuse to pick it up and the inside of the house had so much more garage in it the new owner said he was going to have to do a garbage run just to get rid of the crap left behind. On top of that, the very nice new owner couldn’t unpack his belonging because he had to clean the whole inside of the house.

With the Child of Satan now gone, the cottage area was so quiet and peaceful this weekend. It was lovely to see our neighbors all out visiting each other and not having to watch where they stepped as we have had to throw out many pairs of shoes caused by the dog dropping left behind.

With him being gone, we have now acquired the lot on the back of his old cottage which adjoins with mine.

The new land is going to be used as a community garden for myself and two of our cottage neighbors and we have made an offer to the new owner to please come and join us in the Spring with adding a garden.

The rest of the land will be left open with nothing built on it to use for extra parking and a place to set up Badminton nets and a place to kick around a Soccer ball and off course for Romeo and Juliette to play a game of Frisbee.

In celebration, we took down that awful fence that we have left up for the past three years to give us privacy from him.

The ugly fence made great firewood for my neighbor and myself.

Now doesn’t that look much better without that fence. Also if you noticed to the left of the picture, we took off the last of the old siding from the front of the cottage this weekend too.

It was a glorious weekend at the Love Shack and we are all now excited to build and plant our new gardens in the Spring.

I guess I should invest in a seed catalog, I now have a Winter project, getting ready for the Spring garden. And again the cottage adds another dimension to our lives, a community garden, who would have know.

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  1. Exciting to hear about your garden plans, winter is a great time to read those seed catalogues and do some thinking. Enjoy x

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