Sleeping Seven

A couple of weekends ago we finally had to time to do some shopping and made a couple of additions to the cottage.

First, we took down the chandelier in the main room and replaced it with a ceiling fan. This heatwave that doesn’t seem to want to end this Summer forced us into the realization that we needed a ceiling fan in the cottage main room.


The new fan and light for the main-room.


I’m happy to say with adding the ceiling fan, it made the air conditioners more effective in cooling off the cottage. Adding in the dehumidifier, which has to be emptied a few times a day and we got rid of the sticky feeling and you can now be comfortable in the cottage when it’s too hot to be outside.

Since comfort was the plan of the weekend we also went out and bought a new sectional couch for the main room.


The new sectional couch.


I’m in love with this new sectional. Gotta leave it to IKEA, not only does it pull out to be a full queen size bed, but it also lifts giving us storage for the extra comforters, sheet, and extra pillows. The right section of the couch where you see the throw pillows, lifts up and the whole area is storage.

On the left side of the couch, you can see where the bed is built into the couch, which pulls out easily and slides back in when not being used.

And since we had room to now sleep seven, considering the mater bedroom sleep, two. The nautical room sleeps three and the pullout couch sleeps two, it was time to have the girls who helped build the cottage come up.

The girls spent their first weekend together and enjoy the new deck, the sunset, and some wine. As a good hostess and appreciation for all they did, they were treated as guests for the weekend. Now you know that’s the last time they get treated as guests, for now on, they’re family and it’s theirs to enjoy too.


jodi sherri and vania
Sherri, Vania and Jodi doing their most important thing they had to do that weekend, Love Romeo.


We had a lovely weekend.  The days were hot but the evenings were perfect for sitting on the deck and enjoying the sunset. And with a great big sigh… I said finally, now, go away mosquito’s we’re trying to have a moment here.











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