Making Progress

The past few weekends have been super busy at the Love Shack. We’re still dealing with the God Awful Heat here in Southern Ontario but we had to suck it up and keep working and so we have.

We also had our first emergency at the cottage.

Romeo got a bladder infection at the cottage on of course the long weekend when everything is closed.  The poor guy was pacing back and forth and became restless. He also was having trouble emptying his bladder and peeping when he was walking.

With many phone calls, we were able to find an Emergency Vet open and Daddy had to drive him back to the city to see the Doctor. And you know this, of course, had to happen not only on the long weekend but also the same day we had the whole family on their way to celebrate the big Family Birthday Party.

Two minutes after Daddy left with Romeo, the sky opened up with a big storm that blew over the lake. Karen, Jodi, and I got Juliette in the house quickly as the torrential rain came pouring down.

You know at this point I’m thinking… oh God what’s next?

What’s next was Juliette started running through the house looking for Daddy and Romeo. She was absolutely devastated that Daddy left and took Romeo and left her behind.  This has never happened before in her life which sent her from looking for them to whimpering.

Karen and I took her to our bed and put her between us and tried playing with her until she finally fell asleep and so did we. Jodi also fell asleep in the chair in front of the TV waiting for the storm to blow over. And apparently, we must have all fallen into a deep sleep.

We were woken up by the phone ringing. Daddy was calling to let us know Romeo and him were on their way back to the cottage and also my in-laws were at the cottage and knocked on the door. There was no car in the driveway and when no one answered they thought we weren’t there.

We woke up to sunshine. The storm had blown over. The inlaws were there. Sean and Bonnie were on their way and the birthday party went as planned with Romeo on antibiotics and we celebrated Karen’s, Bonnie’s, Enrico’s, Jessie’s, Emilio’s, and Romeo’s birthday without any more glitches.  Since then we have now added a number of an Emergency Vet who is down near the cottage to our list of emergency numbers.

I am very happy to say after months of building and setting up the support structure and then adding the decking boards, the railings and gates are up on the deck.


The decking boards in place.


The railings are up and View I have been waiting to enjoy.


The two happiest ones to have the front deck ready for them. Romeo who is now four years old and Juliette who is now two, now have twenty more feet of deck to bounce around on.


As you can see by the picture, the two fur babies have smiles on their faces and Romeo came out and danced on his new deck.


The View from the front.


This weekend we are heading back up to do more work on the deck. We have the top rails going on the railings, the permanent steps to go in, and the skirting to add.

If all goes well, the planting can finally begin.

My most definite plan for this weekend is to sit on that deck with a glass of wine in my hand and enjoying the company of a few of the Weekend Warriors watching the sunset together.

And yes, there is a smile on my face that goes ear to ear.














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