Happy Fathers Day

As the world slowly re-opens I am thankful this year to be able to have the family at the Love Shack. It has been since Christmas since we saw our family.

I am grateful that all our family has survived this pandemic with no physical harm and only sightly financial hit. It was a pleasure to be able to shop for Husband and my father-in-law and to be able to present the gifts and not have to send them through the mail.

I hope that each of you has a pleasant Father’s Day and that you are able to be with your fathers on this special day set aside for them.

I think the one thing we have all learned during this most challenging time is that we value those we love more than we knew.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there.



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      1. Mask is mandatory for most workplaces and distancing is normal for here now. We are up to allowing 10 people together. We are doing really well with our numbers and are in stage 2 with most of the country. We are hoping to see stage three soon.

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