Up Went the Cottage

A few years back we lifted the cottage up on blocks.


The first time we lifted the house.


Unfortunately with all the rain, we had these past few years, we could visibly see the house was sinking again.

We notice a difference in the roofline but also we were started to get some mild settling cracks on the drywall. A team was hired in October for an early Spring project which put all the other construction on hold.

When Spring arrived, it came with the Pandemic.  Like everyone else we sat waiting for the government to start allowing work to happen again. When the clearance was given to start construction, along came the crazy weather.

First, we had Spring-like weather which means rain, then we had a Winter Arctic-like weather come in that brought snow. The weather warmed back up and brought us more rain, and then came the heatwave. Mother Nature was surely experiencing menopause symptoms for the month of May and was doing her part in creating social distancing.

After the long wait of eight months, I’m very excited to say we were able to get the team in to lift the Love Shack. 

The shifting and sinking were much worse than we originally thought. The cottage needed to be lifted 4.5 inches on one side of the house and 2.5 inches on the back to make it level.

The house was jacked up and this time concrete slabs were dug and poured into the ground. Next, a double set on blocks was placed in each support area to give the joints extra strength, and an additional beam was added to the underside of the cottage to give support, and then she was lowered back into place. She is now level again and we can get back to work at the Love Shack.


She is lifted, level and has new supporting blocks.


With the waiting game going on, I spent a lot of time at my drafting board. Husband and I together have designed stage two of the deck building. This year we’re start on the front of the Love Shack.  I think I’ll keep that design a secret until it’s going up as we haven’t shared the design with the family or the Warriors and we have a bit of a surprise for them.

I have also done the landscape design for the front of the cottage. In the meantime, I have been lucky to have had all the plants for the designed ordered and delivered by a local charity that we support each year. Normally they have a large plant sale that last for a few weeks. With the pandemic, the plant sale went online and they delivered all my material to the front porch.

After five years of the house being the storge area for the cottage, this has become considered normal. This time it looks like a garden center. I’m now babysitting the plants until the gardens can be dug and planted.

I don’t think I have been as excited about a project on the cottage since we got the first bedroom and could finally sleep at the cottage or the time we got running water and lights.

I’m so looking forward to doing tia-chi in the morning sun and enjoying the evenings on the deck looking at the sunset. For that, I have put the new kitchen cabinets on hold. In the meantime the cottage is level and up on the block and it’s now time to tear-up the front lawn, yet again. Fifteen holes are needed to build the supports for the new deck.

It’s officially Cottage Season and yes, time to get back to work.