Happy Anniversary to the Love Shack Season Five Begins

Can You believe it? It was five Seasons today that we bought our Love Shack. Our nice simple renovation that is still in progress five years later. Who Knew…

The pitucres are not in order of occurrence, but in best to describe the journey. Let’s Look Back…


the Love Shack
The front of the Love Shack when we purchased her.



We got the keys and headed to the cottage with a group of friends who came to gut the house. That weekend, The Weekend Warriors was started.


20160521_110328 (1)
Vania and Nikki had the pleasure of taking down bedroom number three and the infamous walk-in closet. That would be the board that Vania is hanging on to.


des 11
 It didn’t take more than a day and the cottage was brought back to her bare-bones.




The renovation games began.


20160605_174159 (1)
The framing went in.


The whole ceiling was opened and the wiring went in.


Dry wall was added.


We added some heat.


The new floors went down, walls got painted and trim was added.





 And soon Bedroom number one got finished.


Then came bedroom number two


And It wasn’t long after that we were back to pulling her apart again. John, Barry, Rob and Enrico opened up the roof.
And with the roof off, the gable was put in.


 With the gable in we were able to build the main room.



Along the way she gave us some surprises.


Our first surprise is when we found out our cistern needed to be replaced which required digging out our front lawn, removing the old one and having a new one put in. And then we had water.



Then she gave us the next suprise:

The next Spring we had another hole in the front yard.  This was casued by the pipes in the ground breaking and leaving the water on top of the holding tank instead of going into the tank. New pipes had to be put in the ground.



And yet another suprise and yes water was the problem again.

 The bathroom ceiling and roof needing replacing caused by years of water damage from the roof leaking.

Which lead to the buliding the new bathroom.

The same angle of the bathroom.


And then another surpirse which was the most shocking of all.

The bad wiring found in the door frame over our only entrance in and out of the cottage at the time.


And you know what happened next. We built a new hall.

The new hall in the cottage.


Along the way, we had time to play.

butt lift
The Weekend Warriors Water Fight was created at the annual barbeque. 


Using water balloons and water guns as ammunition, it left no one dry in the end.


We had family time.

We added a back deck and started having the family birthday party at the cottage which is now also an annual event.


The family birthday party looks like Christmas in July.


Sadness came when we lost Coco to heartfailure.


coco 1
Coco was the first to try out the new bed.



Soon we had to fill our broken hearts and added Romeo to our lives:

baby romeo
The Day Romeo came home with Mommy



A year and half later Juliette came to our family.


This is Juliette at eight weeks old when she came home to us.


More Warriors joined our team, some as far away as Minnesota.


This is us and our friends we met on a cruise ship eight years ago. From the Left is Husband. In Back is Gary. In the center is Julie and to the right myself on the ship. 


We have enjoyed some sunset along the way and walks on the beach.


20171008_185756 (1)
The view from the front of the cottage


Daddy and Coco at the lake.


We planted a tree in honor of the Fifth Season of the Love Shack.


Living Christmas trees: Another real tree option - Christmas Trees


This tree was planted to follow the tradition that we started when we got married. We plant a tree for each big number.  It started at year one and we have planted a tree at year five, ten and fifiteen at our home.  This year will be year twenty for us being married and Season Five for owning the cottage.

The tree was given as a gift from one of our co-workers who wanted it to have a home as it didn’t fit at her home as it would grow to large. We planted this one at the cottage not telling her about our tradtion.  I’ll post a picture of where it was planted when I do the garden’s blog this year.


Along the way, the fur babies grew up.


Romeo and Juliette grew up to be best friends and the ones we think enjoy the cottage the most.


Over our past four seasons, we have made cottage friends and the Weekend Warriors keeps growing in numbers. We’re expecting more additions to the group this year as more freinds come to the cottage and join us in our adventure. We have had up and downs, succcesss and re-do’s.  It has been challenging at times, but always rewarding.

We have been fortunate to share our story with our bloggers and our hours with our families and friends.  The Love Shack, is a place of love and laughter. She turned eighty years old this year and with her rebuild she lives on. She still is, a story of hope.




















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