The Next Hero’s

I would like to start this blog off with an apology to my family and friends. As much as I miss you and enjoy your company and humor, there are some people that I’m missing slightly more than you at this moment.  I will explain.

With finally a day off and nothing in dire need of being done today in the house, I took to the most neglected thing in the house, me. Yes, me!

After spending two hours in the bathroom today, not because I’m sick but because I was trying to recreate a more human-looking creation of myself, I’m confessing to missing my Hairdresser Dominic more than anyone else.


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I guess I should apologize to him too. Sorry, Dom, I know you told me not to cut my own hair especially since I’m blind without my glasses, but the bangs took over and I can’t see with my hair hanging over my glasses. This creates a problem with having to wear masks and not supposed to be touching my face. Pushing my hair out of my eyes was no longer an option.

On the positive side of this, I can see. On the negative side of this, I now look like a five-year-old who’s Grandmother cut her hair with a bowl over her head.  I swear I didn’t touch the back or sides, instead, I have a permanent hairstyle, like everyone else, the pony-tail.

While I’m confessing to Dom, I should also tell you that many of us have taken to home hair dyes! Yes, this too will need to be fixed.

Next on my list of the most missed people, is the girl who does my manicure and pedicure. My hands are dry from washing them so much and my nails are broken in many ways from that god awful hand sanitizer gel that everyone needs so bad.

I also tried to do this myself this morning. Trying to paint my toenails like she does brings me back to being five and learning how to paint my own nails. As we get older, flexibility seems to be one of the first things we lose. I learned today, I’m not so flexible anymore.

Then there is that girl who does my eyebrows. Did I mention I can’t see without my glasses? This too turned into an interesting experience.  I am thankful when I put my glasses back on that I still have eyebrows.

Now lets’ talk about those masks that we are wearing all day long. They rub on our faces and are dry out your skin, making our faces chapped.  So we can add to the list of most missed people, the staff at the Spa!

Does it sound like I’m whining? I am not. What I’m doing is giving a shout out to those people who keep us from looking like the shaggy sheepdogs that we are all feeling right now.

There’s an expectation in Nursing that we should be neat and clean looking at all times. Respect the uniform by looking worthy of being in it.  No one wants someone who looks un-kept to care for them or touch them.

But you see without our caregivers, the hairdressers, the manicurists, the spa staff and the estheticians we don’t look so good. Our feet and hands are taking a beating. Our hair looks like a sheepdog in a wind storm and our skin is dry and tired looking.

That being said, when the doors of the world open there will be a line-up bigger than the grocery store on panic-day to get into see, you.  You will be our hero’s! You will be the one fixing us!

Nurses Week is coming and so is Mother Day. If you are looking for a great gift for the front line staff, gift cards to the spa, hairdresser, manicurist, and esthetician would be greatly appreciated. Not only would we really like to look respectable again but you will also be helping those returning to work and those with small businesses get back on their feet.

So to the hairdressers, spa staff, manicurists, and estheticians… We miss you miss… We look forward to spending time with you again. We look forward to you being our hero’s!










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  1. Yeah, I’m cutting my own hair and dying my own roots. And I can’t see my eyebrows, but bought this little mini tool, hair remover deal. So far, I’m bearable. I am also cutting my dad’s, husband’s, and son’s hair. I shouldn’t quit my day job, but it’s better than nothing. OH, and we just ordered dog clippers for our English shepherd and a furminator. Still, my hair dresser/eyebrows cust me $215 every six weeks, the dog costs $70 every grooming, about the same, and the boys are about $15/each, so we save a pretty good chunk, to more than pay for the dye and clippers, etc. Always a bright spot.

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  2. I had considered getting my long straight hair cut, but hadn’t gotten around to it before everything shut down… now I am glad it is still long because there is no way I could do a descent haircut on myself.

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