Who Will You Be?

Things here at the Love Shack have been very quiet.

I have been working more. I’m a Nurse and I should be working more.  When I took my vow, which is what being a Nurse is, I made a promise and a commitment to take care of those in need. That’s a vow, not just a license.

I have also stepped back from being a Reverend and doing weddings. The Nurse thing comes first. My only exception to doing a wedding was one. Two front line workers, one on the Police Force and one a Nurse wanted to be married, just in case.  They respected the five-person limit of gathering and we did a quick wedding with them, me, and their two neighbors.

Husband is laid off with only emergency work being done in his field, which he is on a  call doing right now. Besides that, he is doing all the household things I usually do to allow me to work more. He is filling the rest of his time getting to those projects around the house that have been put on the back burner forever and using up those supplies we bought so long ago.

Cottage country is closed. Yes, I hate that. I have been so looking forward to getting back up to open up and seeing everyone. We are allowed day trips in to check on the cottage, but that’s it for right now. So everything at the Love Shack is on hold for now.

Like the rest of the world, our lives are on hold and I believe changed forever. I believe like so many other people, the world we once knew will be a different place than before this Pandemic.

In this time of challenge and tragedy, I have seen so much good. I have seen people pulling together and helping. I have seen people put themselves on the line. The amount of kindness expressed and concern for each other has been amazing to watch.

On the other hand, I have also seen some of the worst cases of selfishness. I have seen those who should come to work not.  I have seen people stocking their houses with products that are so desperately needed that they will never need in their lifetime. And sadly others out for no reason, not respecting social distancing.

My co-workers and I had the best laugh yesterday talking about all the buying of clothes on the internet. We’re wondering, where do they plan to wear them?

I stopped in Walmart the other day to buy more scrubs for work. I’m working more and running out of clothes and the laundry was piling up. The cashier and I had a short but pleasant conversation. She said to me. ” Stay safe.” She also saw I was buying scrubs and thanked me for being a Nurse.  I thanked her for coming to work. Two strangers both eyes welled up fighting back tears. Tears caused by kind words.

For those of you who are out in the front lines and feel like you have been forgotten in all the thank yous being given. You are not forgotten.

Whether you are staying home to take care of your families, or are respecting social distancing, you are being noticed.

I don’t know if as many say if this is a message from God or Mother Nature saying you stop destroying the earth and I will show you why not to is happening, but I do believe that there is a message here.


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I believe that when this ends we will all have had a chance to look at ourselves. We will have a chance to see what is important. And we will all have to stand in front of the man in the mirror and face the good or the bad we have chosen to do during this time.

Not only will your self-respect be on the line, but the respect of those we work with and our families will be there.

This is the time that we across the world will get to know each other better. We see each other’s losses and tragedies. We will learn to help each other more or we will become more selfish than ever.

Those choices remain in the hands of each individual.

I am hoping to be a better me. Who will you be?






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  1. Thank you for your words.
    It is a strange world we live in right now. My wife and I are both working from home, her two kids going to school through video and google. Violin lessons are given on video. Fortunately, we both have great jobs and are doing well. Her house (leftover from before we were married a little over a year ago) was on the market and being sold (in contract). The buyers backed out right before closing). Now it’s back to waiting and paying for a second house payment.
    But overall life is good.
    We have what we need.
    We go outside and enjoy the view.
    I am more than halfway through my third book (not that I am less busy at work, I wish it were going a little slower).
    So life is good. You take each day as it comes.
    Visit friends over zoom.
    Try not to worry.

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    1. I am happy to hear you are doing well. I understand the real estate market is having a problem all over. I know the banks here have told a friend not to purchase right now and turned down an upcoming mortgage because they said they expect housing prices to fall and the mortgage they were going to take out would be more than the house would be worth , so they were advised to wait to purchase. I hope that the house sells soon for you.


  2. Firstly, thank you for all you are doing in your work. When all this is over, we need to reflect that it was not the Company Directors, the CEOs, the Millionaires and the Billionaires (or even the Kardasians) that saved us, but the doctors, the nurses, the general hospital staff, the emergency services, the police, the posties, the retail workers and the cleaners. Those are the people who stood in the front line, who put their health and lives at risk- for us. Church is closed but we quickly managed to organise on-line services, and as the Moderator said, he has preached in many places to many people but never in an empty church.
    When this is over, who will I be. I hope and pray that I will still be me, perhaps not quite the same me as yesterday, but a me with a better understanding of what and who are important I should like to think that I will be a me who is a little wiser and a little better than the me was yesterday.

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  3. I did write a comment, but not sure if I pressed the post button and since it is not here, I guess I didn’t. First of all, Thank You for your service and for all that you do to keep us safe. When this passes – and it will pass – I believe it will be time to reflect on the fact that it was not the Company Directors, the CEOs, the Millionaires, the Billionaires (or even the Kardashians) who saved us – it was the doctors, the nurses, the paramedics, the hospital staff, the cleaners, the emergency services, the police, the posties, the retail workers, those who risked their health and their lives to keep us safe. It is a debt that we can never repay. When this is over – Who will I be? I will be me, but not the me of yesterday, but a me that is more understanding, more patient and more tolerant of things and people. I hope and pray that it will be a different me, different in ways I do not yet know nor understand. Things will change and we will change with them – the how and what have yet to be determined.

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  4. I want to extend a huge THANK YOU for all you doing during your profession. Nurses often don’t get much credit when a patient is cured – it is the doctor who gets the glory. But during my cancer treatments it was the nurses I saw the most and would not have made it without them. I am sure the virus patients are the same way. The nurses are exposed more. My niece works for environmental services at a hospital and there they are no longer allowed in the covid19 rooms it is the nurses that have to clean the room along with all of their regular duties. My hat is off for you… you are a blessing to all those patients! Be safe, stay well! 💗

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