Sending Our Thoughts All Over The World

Well, this is certainly the most different Spring we have had in the five years of Building the Love Shack. Like everyone else all over the world, we here in Canada have the Pandemic going on and social distancing.

Many of the Warriors have direct family members who live outside of Canada and we too are watching and praying for a speedy end to this Pandemic.

The Warriors and we are also practicing social distancing.  Like so many of your families, many of the Warriors work in the health care field and we are out there continuing to work. They also, work in many different areas that are on the front line staff and have family members who are more fragile because of health reasons.

For this reason, Husband and I are sure we will be starting Cottage Season alone and are hoping with the self-isolation and social distancing and the warm weather coming it will bring back normally.

In the meantime, we wanted to let our Bloggers know that so far we are all doing well and thinking about you.

Sending the biggest Hug and Love to everyone, from Us all at the Love Shack.


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Lacie, Enrico, Romeo and Juliette, and the Warriors.





9 thoughts on “Sending Our Thoughts All Over The World

  1. Thank you all. We are still well and South Australia, although under some restrictions, is not in lockdown as yet. Both our sons are engineers and as such are still working. In that they are fortunate because thousands are now out of work as entertainment, travel, and tourism shut down. As I said, we may be well, but it’s a worry. Take care and look after each other

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    1. We completely understand the worry. Each day here things are also changing and many are being laid-off from their jobs. So far we are all still working and consider ourselves lucky. It’s an interesting world we are living in.

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