Juliettes Letter to Texas

I was born in Texas and my mommy was a Boxer. I’m told my daddy was a Labrador, but I never met him.

I was born at this nice ladies’ house called Diane’s. Mommy tells me she was a volunteer who took my mommy in while she was carrying me in her belly.


This is me at 8 weeks old

When I was eight weeks old the nice lady named Diane told me I was being adopted by a lady who was from New York and a man who came from Rome, Italy. She said they lived in Canada. I had never heard of Canada before. I had never heard of NY or Italy before either.

I went to the doggie doctor and got some needles in my butt and she gave me a check-up and said I had all the papers I needed to immigrate to Canada.  I didn’t know what that meant either, but she was a nice lady too.

That night, I got picked up and taken to a big white bus that I’m told was a limo bus made special for taking us to meet our new parents.

After we all got checked into the limo bus, they said we were No Paws Down. That meant they drove straight from Texas to NY. There were three ladies who took us to NY. Two ladies shared the driving and the other stayed in the back with us to make sure we had everything we needed.

The next morning, we pulled into the parking lot and there were lots of happy-looking people waiting for us.  That’s when I met my new mommy and daddy.

My mommy had an accent different then what we had in Texas; I’m told that’s what a New Yorker sounds like.  She had her arm in a sling because she just had surgery on her arm. Daddy was with her. He was a tall handsome man with dark hair and blue eyes.

They seemed really happy to meet me cause they both had teary eyes.  I got lots of hugs and kisses.

The nice lady who drove me there gave them my adoption papers and I got in the back seat of the car and we headed to this new place called Canada.

I didn’t like sitting in the back seat of the car, so I came into the front seat and sat on my new mommy. I wagged my tail and she hugged me, and I got to stay in the front. Then I got tired and went to sleep on her built-in pillows.

When I woke up again, we were at my new home.

I met my brother Romeo when we came in.  He was big compared to me, but he smelt good and seemed to want to play with me.  He shared his food and toys with me. We became friends fast.



20180121_124316 (1)
This is my brother Romeo and Daddy


Later that day, I learned that Romeo and I slept in the bed at night with mommy and daddy.  They have a big soft bed with lots of blankets and pillows. I like the big bed.


Mommy cooks us dinner every night and gives us snackies in the daytime. Mommy’s a good cook and she says our snacks and dinners are healthy. I don’t know what that means but I like the cheese and crackers and the chicken and vegetables and rice dinners she makes for us.

Daddy comes home and plays with us every night and we go for walks.

I have a human bother and sister, and aunts and grandparents who come to visit and bring us a lot of presents. Mommy says we are spoiled. I don’t know what that means either, but I like spoiled whatever it is.

On the weekend we go to this place that mommy calls the cottage.  We have more friends there who come over and talk to us. They pet us and bring us presents too. Romeo and I love the cottage. We get very excited when we’re going there and run all over the house while mommy and daddy pack.

It’s been over a year since I left Texas when I was only eight weeks old. I still like to sleep on mommies built-in pillows. She says we are the most important part of their world. Us and our human brother and sister.

The human brother says it’s us who comes first. Mommy says that’s because they’re big and can take care of themselves. I think Romeo is big too.

I don’t know if we are spoiled, but we still sleep next to mommy every night. Some nights we take over the bed and push her out of the bed. She says it’s a wonder she gets any sleep cause we all snore, which includes daddy.

Every day we get lots of hugs and kisses. Our food always tastes good and when we do something we shouldn’t, our parents never stay mad at us. They just give us this unhappy look and we wag our tails and then we get loved again.

I don’t know if other dogs have birthday parties and Christmas presents, but mommy and daddy say all dogs should have those. I’m not sure what a dog is, I wonder if they are what mommy call’s us, the babies.

I want to say thank you to the nice lady in Texas named Diane and the ladies from Puppy Mutt Rescue who drove me to meet my new mommy and daddy.

I have a nice life here in this place called Canada.  I get lots of love and toys and good food.  I also have these things called winter jackets.

Did you know it snows here?

I didn’t know what snow was either. It’s this white stuff that falls from the sky. It’s kind of cold to touch but when we put on our coats, Romeo and I love to roll around in it and run through it.

Thank you again to the volunteers from Puppy Mutts Rescue. You not only saved my life, but you found me a wonderful one.


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