Welcome Another Set of Weekend Warriors

While I have not been posting, I have been entertaining at the Love Shack. As I mentioned a few blogs ago we were about to adventure into something completely different at the Love Shack, it’s called entertaining and vacationing.

This blog, I would like to introduce you to some very special people in our lives.

Meet Julie and Gary.

From the Left is Husband. In Back is Gary. In the center is Julie and to the right myself.

This picture was taken on our second trip together. We had been invited by the Captain of the ship to a launch party on the front of the ship. Which explains the wind blowing hair.

We had the joy of meeting Julie and Gary on a cruise ship on our actual first night on the boat of my fiftieth birthday trip. We had the pleasure of spending the next ten days with them and have traveled with them meeting them on other cruise ships and islands sense.

They were also part of my caregiving team who without a complaint spent time in the hospital with me and taking care of me when I had the episode in the Dominican Republic.  They were also the ones who marched Husband back to the resort to make sure he had slept and ate after being scared half to death watching me in pain that long first night.

This chance meeting on that ship has given us wonderful friends who we now are traveling the world together.

This July they came from Minnesota and flew into Toronto where we picked them up and took them to the Love Shack. It was their first trip to Canada.

In the true spirit of the Love Shack, they helped us plant a garden at the Love Shack, making them officially a Weekend Warrior.

We are pleased to say they loved the Love Shack and are planning to return in the Fall to the cottage and book our next vacation together… Here we come… Italy…

Welcome, Jule and Gary.. our newest of the Weekend Warriors.