With the Shake of His Magic Wand

And with the shake of his magic wand…


Only if he could…


Let’s try…With lots of hard work and constant dedication in the hot summer heat and high humidity, Husband persevered on his mission and sanded down the drywall in the main room. Two days of sanding and putting, he finished the nasty, dusty job of getting the main room ready to paint.

This Saturday he went back to the room again and the primer is now on the walls and for the first time, now in Season Four, we have a real room…


The main room sanded and primed.


The Sunday we spent doing the last of the trim on the deck. With it all done we were finally able to put out the house warning gifts we received three years ago.


The deck is all set up and ready for use.


Today my lovely daughter-in-law Karen, went up to the Love Shack with me.  We cleaned up all the dust and got the cottage ready for the next two busy weeks.

Tomorrow the kids will take custody of the cottage for the first time for the week and will be joined on the weekend by the whole family for the family birthday party. We have six birthdays in weeks of each other.


Bedroom one is ready for a cozy sleep.


And so is bedroom number two.


The kids are staying on after the party to help lay the last hardwood floor. Which is also in the main room.

The next week we will be spending most of that week there with friends who are coming from Minnesota to join us for their first time at the Love Shack.

Finally, three and half years later, the Love Shack is now, the Family Cottage.

The work will continue with a new kitchen to put in. Additions to the back deck, a front deck to add and new siding to put on. There are gardens to add and paint to put in the main room.  Another shed to go in and I’m sure there will be more as we go along.

But for today, we have reached a major milestone in our journey and for the little cottage with no hope, she has much more than hope at her age of seventy-four, she is again as she was once, a Family Cottage.






8 thoughts on “With the Shake of His Magic Wand

  1. It looks so charming, all that hard work js starting to pay dividends and will help you create wonderful memories with your family.

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  2. Oh, the joy my heart feels. You have come a long way baby. I’m so excited for the upcoming family get-togethers. You have worked so hard and it is looking beautiful. Woo Hoo!!!! Party Time!!!

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