Deck Phase One

Back to the Love Shack, we went this weekend to get working on the deck. With a whole lot more cutting and staining boards, we finished the side privacy wall.


The privacy screening gives lots of sunlight and as you can see you can still see through it, At the same time it feels more like an outdoor room.


Once we had the screening up, our next project was to open the railing between the old deck and the new one.


Husband and I cut this rail off. But instead of getting rid of it. It got moved to cover the open area on the front of the deck.


By doing the cut and moving the railing, the deck is closed off for Romeo and Juliette to be able to play on.

It also changed the areas from a twelve-foot by twelve-foot deck and a six foot by twelve-foot deck into a much more comfortable eighteen foot by twelve-foot deck.


The deck now has a sunny area to sit and a shaded area for the dogs to play and for us to have as a dining area.


The sunny open area.  Stage One of a DIY project, I’m working on.


I was given this set of table and chairs over fifteen years ago.  I bought this umbrella and fell in love with the happy color.  This put me on a mission.


I found the paint and proceeded to hand-sand the table and chairs. Three coats of paint later, I have this set.  The next part of this set to be made will be the deck chairs, which will be done in the blue and the white.

But for now, we moved back inside and got the first coat of mud on the drywall.

It was a busy weekend at the Love Shack, but we are liking this inside-outside plan.

We also enjoyed, as I promised to do this year, sitting on the deck having a drink.

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  1. Great progress. I love the privacy screen. I can see myself sitting on that deck drinking a glass of wine. Lol. You are really moving along. Oh and nice paint job on the chairs.

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