Goodbye to the Red Tape

I would like to start this blog off with a Happy Belated Fathers Day.  Sorry, I forgot to post. I will do better next year.

Besides missing the Fathers Day post, I have not posted in a couple of weeks.  So let’s get caught up.

The drywall filling and taping is done. We are now about to start the first round of sanding so we can putty and sand again.

This is not my favorite part of the construction. The dust is just a bloody mess, but this to shall pass.

Besides getting the taping done, the sun stayed out long enough for me to plant the lilac trees and get the metal furniture sanded down and repainted. Unfortunately for now I am working on a  DIY project for the outside furniture at the cottage and I ‘m not letting anyone see it till I have it done.

We also went back and added that electrical for the outlets on the future kitchen wall and managed to get the new curtains and rod hung.

The new light almost got hung in the bathroom except when we opened the box, there were two small parts missing and it had to go back to the store. That is added to this week’s projects.

The weather is still not in our favor and it looks like a continued Wet Spring in Ontario. With that in mind, we are now going to work on two projects at the same time. One inside and one outside.

On rainy days, we will be sanding and putting. On sunny days, we are moving back to the deck area.

The first deck was built out of need. It’s now time to take down the old deck, extend the new deck and put up the privacy screening. I will be adding a lighted barbeque area since we tend to eat later at the cottage.

It was fun for me to get back to my drawing board and design a new deck. The new one when finished will be seventeen foot by twelve foot with the design being a combination of traditional, modern and functional. This will give the fur babies lots of room to play and stay out of the sun.

Over the next two months not only will our blog be bouncing back and forth, so will our projects.

That being said, the trailer has the lumber on it to start the privacy screening and the drop sheets are packed for the trip to the cottage.  When we open the curtains in the morning we will know which project we are working on.

It’s going to to be an odd way of doing construction this year. We normally like to take on something and get it off the to-do list. But, Mother Nature seems to be having a problem with mood swings this year and since I can’t get her an order of Prozac, we will have to work with her as there is no point in working against her, she will always win.

It will be interesting blogging and building this year. I hope we don’t confuse our bloggers or ourselves for that matter.

Since I won’t show you the furniture project, I thought I should let you see the work is in progress.

The wall the new cupboards will be going on.


The Gable


The new curtains.


The best part of having the drywall up and mudding started is, no more red tape to look at on the seems over the vapor bearer.

I would say we are ready for this season at the Love Shack. Back to work full steam ahead. Or as I like to say, no rest for the wicked.




4 thoughts on “Goodbye to the Red Tape

  1. Yes a good start to the season but for me the fun part is ahead – or to put it another way “the best is yet to come” painting…I am re-doing the hall and the kitchen and I find painting very relaxing and somewhat therapeutic . Ok so I’m strange but I have always found painting relaxing. I think she wants the shower room and the bathroom done next – which is good. The other stuff, the stuff that you are doing, I leave to people who know that they are doing. I don’t so I do painting. Works for me…


    1. I am surprised myself how much I know. If it wasn’t for husbands years of experience we could have never done what we are doing. He’s a good teacher and I find it interesting. I have also become a very good painter. I can’t promise you this, I would not have said that a few years ago.


  2. It’s got to be a great feeling to have the tape up. The walls are almost complete with the exception of the horror job from hell of sanding. You have a great mindset toward this process. I would want to leave town and come back when it was all finished. Lol I can’t wait to see the outside progress. It’s very exciting to have a surprise waiting in the wings.

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    1. This cottage taught us in the first-month that nothing was going to be as planned so have a backup plan. Once we figured out the cottage was the boss we learned to go with the flow. The truth is that it actually gets more enjoyable each time we work on it cause now we can see it coming together.


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