Wednesday Through the Lens, Everything is Green

Though the blog post has been quite, life at the Love Shack has been anything but. I thought I would pick up where we left off in October with Through the Lens and take a look back as we go forward.

It’s hard to believe how fast time passes, yet here we are at our Fourth Season at the cottage. If you would have told me four years ago we would be this close to seeing things coming together, I would have said… I’m hanging on to hope.

I stood at the cottage on Sunday and looked at the front of the cottage and thought back to Season One.  That year had more surprise (challenges) than we were expecting. With water being the challenge that would last leaving the front of the house looking like a bomb had exploded in the front yard.

The old cistern was discovered to be collapsing on the top into the cistern and it was full of bugs, worms and slim.

With no choice, it had to be dug out and a new one put in.


Goodbye to the grass.


The next Spring, the water gave us another problem when we found out our holding tank pipes were broken in the ground and up came the front lawn again. The tank was filled with groundwater and had to be emptied and the pipes had to be replaced.


20170415_141213 (1)
The water sitting on top of the filled holding tank where the pipes had broken.


After the complete destruction of the lawn, we took the front yard back to this.

20170826_111000 (1)
Starting from scratch


Then came Season Three, with the heavy rain and Spring runoff, my water had turned yellow.  The cistern needed to be emptied, cleaned and now needed a collar added to it to bring the opening above the level of Spring runoff.


The new collar.


We have reached Season Four and I am happy to say, so far the water is fine and better, we have the nicest lawn at the cottage.


The lawn this past weekend.


Let’s hear it for Husband, he gets the Mr. Green Grass Award.





8 thoughts on “Wednesday Through the Lens, Everything is Green

  1. Hi
    Thankyou for posting this blog.
    Just read about your love shack,and you certainly have been on what i call “A journey of discovery”
    I look forward to hearing more.

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      1. It’s funny you should say that it keeps you bonded, I couldn’t agree more. The time we have spent with each other working side by side has been awesome for us but also with the weekend warriors.


  2. Maybe you needed to keep ripping up the lawn in order to get it ever so lush and green. lol, It looks beautiful. Kudos to all of you for hanging in there after all the water problems. I might have walked away from it. Well, maybe not. but the stress of it all. Oh my!

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