Let’s Hear It For The Girls

This weekends project started off in a completely different manner then the many weekend projects over the prior three years.

On a normal trip to the cottage, Husband would have a list of things he needed for each of the jobs. This past weekend, the girls got the list.

Jodi and I made our first trip to the cottage with a truck full of what we would need on Wednesday. We took up the outside dining table and chairs, an extra chair for the inside dining set, towels, sheets, the laundry and the rest of the grocery to stock the cupboards with the basics.

When Friday came and she and I had already decided we were going up on our own with the dogs. Before we could head up we had a list for Home Depot to pick up for the projects for the weekend.

Now you have to understand that Husband has never let us get the supplies before, but he sent us on our very first mission.

I went in a week before to Home Depot and did a pre-order. But when I arrived on one of their busiest weekends of the year, they had not done it. The man who had been behind the desk who told me he would be there to help was also not there. So we started off in the deficit.

We also noticed when we were up on Wednesday that there had been a few items needed that had not been added to the list. Followed by receiving an email that the part for the front screen door that had blown open that late night in October was also in. Our list of what we needed had greatly increased since the original plan.

We started off by sending the Home Depot assistant off to collect our drywall and plywood while Jodi and I went first to the service desk to collect the ordered and then to get another bag of insulation.  This was another celebratory moment as it’s the last bag of insulation I’m going to have to buy. Woo Hoo goes here.

With everything collected, we headed out to the truck to pack up our supplies and this is when things got humorous.

Being five foot tall, and the truck being a full size pick up, I needed to get into the back to lay the plastic down in the truck bed. The weather here keeps calling for rain and more rain, so we needed to make sure the drywall stayed dry.

I leaned up against the back of the truck and said to the two sale assistants helping us, “now don’t laugh”.  Jodi came over and gave me a boost to get into the back of the truck. Now you know what happened next. The guys couldn’t hold in their laughter.  But hey, I got in.

The two very serious sales reps lightened up and gave us a hand wrapping down the load and the securing as we did not want it to slide out of the back of the truck on our journey to the cottage.

We went back to the house, loaded up the rest of the items, finished loading up the car and the truck. Packed my two hundred pounds of dogs into the back of my Mazda and off to the cottage we went.

We arrived with the load in tack. After emptying the car and the truck. We called Husband to let him know the mission was accomplished.

The next morning Husband arrived with the drywall lift to put the drywall up on the ten-foot ceiling.

I will now take you back to an older blog when I posted all the lights were up. That was wonderful at the time, but do you know what happens when you put up all the lights before you put up the drywall. You have to take them all back down.

And so the two-day mission of drywalling the ceiling started.

All the lights and smoke detectors had to come back down. Jodi and I got a lesson on how to operate this wonderful thing called a drywall lift.


The drywall lift.


For the next two days,  Husband measured and cut. We placed the sheets of drywall in the lift and cranked it up and Husband screwed it in.


The Center of the Mainroom


The inside of the Gable


The back of the Mainroom


With the ceiling done, the lights went back in.

Now I do another one of my little happy dances as I can say, the last ceiling is drywalled.

The next project… Some of the lower walls. We won’t be able to do all of the lower walls until the kitchen is ordered and ready to be put in. Once we take out the sink, we need to be ready to put it back in. That’s a Fall project cause, yes, I have added and changed a few things that are going to affect our work schedule.

Poor Husband, he should get a medal for being married to a designer.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep doing my happy dance, that’s till I have to tape, putty and sand all that new drywall… Woo Hoo…






7 thoughts on “Let’s Hear It For The Girls

  1. Excellent work Ladies! That drywall lift is the coolest thing ever. I have to say, I do not envy the spackling phase of this project. I think it’s the worst job on the planet and the messiest too. Everything is looking great. It must feel so good to have the ceiling covered now. Can’t wait for the next update.

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    1. I am actually having a hard time with it. I want something earthy and relaxing, but not dark. The base of the cabinets is going to be blue with white upper cabinets and a white back slaps. But there is so much blue in the house I don’t want blue paint.


  2. Enjoyed reading your post. I couldn’t help but smile, because it reminded me of when my husband and I remodeled our kitchen. I vowed I ‘d never touch drywall again! Besides the happy dance, I hope you had a glass (or 2) of wine!!

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