Skippity Doo Da Day

What’s a Skippity Doo Dah Day you ask? It’s the sound of me doing a Happy Dance at the Cottage.

And what causes one to do a Happy Dance at the Cottage?

Windows. New windows.  Windows all finished and no more need to order or install. Six custom ordered windows later.

Why did they have to be custom ordered you ask? Because there are no standard size windows at the Love Shack. Everyone was made to fit the area they were going in.

Each window opens either direction left to right. They flip in to be cleaned and they have easily replaced screen that pops out in case of an emergency.  We are a long ways from the nearest fire department and the Nurse in me says.. better to be safe than sorry.

These are the last two that had to go in.

The old kitchen window coming out.


The old kitchen window coming out.


And in goes the new.

The new kitchen window.



The last window to go in was the one in the Gable.


This one was designed when we built the Gable.

The cut out for the window.


And in goes, the new one.

The window in the Gable.


Now that we can check windows off the to-do list, do you want to know what’s next? Look back at the last picture and that’s where all the drywall has to go.

Our next project starts in two weeks.

The lift has been ordered to get the drywall up to those almost ten-foot ceilings.  I have arranged a pick up for the Saturday morning for the sheets of drywall, screws, tape, and putty.

On that note… I’ll do one more dance before I say… Here we go again…

PS… This is the last room that has to be finished in the Love Shack.  This is the Main Room which will have the kitchen and living room in it. There are lots of projects planned for this area. And let’s not forget we still have much to do on the outside.

I laugh now at us when we started three seasons ago thinking we would have it done in three years tops… Ha Ha… Maybe five… Maybe…



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