Packing, Packing, and Packing

There are two things that remind me Cottage Season is about to start. The first one in April Showers bring May Flowers and we have been getting steady rain.

The second one is the laundry baskets, boxes, and bags filled with items to take to the cottage.

And so the packing has begun.

This weekend will be our first weekend up. Oh how exciting, and Oh the work that awaits.

There are baskets of fresh linens. All the beds need to be made.


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Boxes of cleaners are ready too. Its time to sweep out the Winter Dust.  Vacuum up the spiders who have started to build their webs. They have come back to life with the Spring warm up and like to choose that sunny spot in the window panes to make their home.

All the shelves need to be wiped down and need to be stocked with food.

The water needs to be turned back on. Flushy toilets and showers will be needed this weekend.

Add in the dining table and chairs need to be placed back out and the top to the dining gabezo needs to be put back on. The barbeque will need to be cleaned so we can fire up the grill.

Its time to measure up the areas where the deck will be repaired and the new one will go.

We will also be starting the designs of what the main room will have and where things will be placed. A built-in for the TV in on this year’s plans and new kitchen cupboards too.

And then there are the long-awaited last two windows. They’re here at the house, packed and ready to go.

The Weather Channel is predicting a sunny and mild weekend. What we are predicting is to need many types of clothes. The outside will be muddy with the Spring meltdown and weeks of rain. The inside will be warm at night with the Cast Iron Stove on and cool in the day time with taking off the old windows and putting in the new.

The layers of clothes will be coming on and off as we work in each area. What I am also predicting is to come back with a lot of laundry.

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Romeo and Juliette are staying home this weekend. They won’t be happy when we leave, but the mud at the Love Shack will be too much for mommy to try and keep them clean.

With three days to go, I am packing, packing and packing.

Ah yes, Spring is here. Cottage Season has begun.  And now its time to start the fun.




16 thoughts on “Packing, Packing, and Packing

  1. Looking forward to seeing some before and after photos as you continue to build your beautiful life at the cottage! Enjoy the first weekend of reopening your summer getaway. We’ll be finishing up yard cleanup here after the rains ease up in Connecticut this weekend. Ahhhh, Springtime!

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    1. Will do! We’ve been working on it for two years but haven’t done much this year. We live in ours full time. Enjoy😊

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  2. Last few weeks of Autumn here and things are being dismantled and stored away in the garage or the sheds. It’s been raining the last few days and our drought is finally broken for about 90% of the State – still a few areas where the rain didn’t reach – yet. Now for you it’s spring and time to put things out and get ready for summer. Sounds like lots of work to be done. In all this work I hope you remember to take time to relax and reflect on the fact that – “this is a labour of love” and I do hope it is “fun”…

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