The List

Are you a list maker? I am a list maker. I make a list for myself from everything to what to buy at the grocery store to what renovation needs to be done at both houses. I also make a Honey To Do List for Husband, which he never reads and hands back to me and says let me know when we are working on each one.

The list I’m sitting in front of looking at today is the Love Shacks build and repair list.

I have found an interesting pattern on this list. Besides the fact that there are check marks on it, which means we have accomplished it, there seem to be about four carry-overs each year. The number is the same, about four for each of the past three years.

Some of these things are small each year and then there is one big one each year. Last years big carryover was to drywall the main room in the house.

The last two windows are ready to be installed. I still get excited when I say that and now we have our starting place for this year.


The last two windows go in before we start drywalling the main room.

Window one goes in the triangle in the gable.


Window two will go in over the kitchen sink


 I have to admit that as excited as I was to have the insulation in, I can’t wait for the drywall to be up and cover the plastic walls.

Once the drywall is up, in goes the flooring. I can’t tell you how excited I am to put the last of the flooring in the cottage. 

When I ordered the bamboo flooring for the cottage, it all came in one big delivery. Which means for the last three seasons, I have had boxes of hardwood stacked in my house.  It will be really nice to have that out of the house. I’m sure I will be doing a happy dance on the new floor.

So here I sit on this Cold Spring Day, making my list and waiting for the weather to break to get to work. For other people, Winter months are the longest. For us it’s April, waiting for the rain to stop and the ground to dry up.

We are ready to get to work. Come on Mother Nature do your thing and give us an early Spring.

In the meantime, here comes another season and another list.






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