Making the List and We’re Checking it Twice…

Sounds like the Christmas Song, but not here at the Love Shack, this is my most favorite time of the year.

Spring is here and Cottage Season starts in four days.

I got out the famous laundry basket that I carry things back and forth each week to the cottage in, cause why yes, I have started cottage shopping. Ok, cottage shopping never really stops, but carrying things up there takes a break over Winter.

So it’s time to start the list.

The last two windows are going in, in the Spring. Woo Hoo… Windows will be done. ( I love the be done words.)

The rest of the insulation has been put in so that means we can finally, drywall the main room. That’s project number two this year.

The floor is also going in the main room. That’s project number three.

If the Love Shack behaves, she should get a kitchen this year. I know we have a kitchen, but one with matching cupboards and new countertops would be awesome.

There is hope for repairing and extending the back deck and maybe, just maybe getting the new siding on.

There is also newly added to the list this year… Are you ready… It’s a big one… Playtime… Yes, playtime has been added this year.

This year I would like to spend a little more time at the beach, have a few more barque’s and do some fishing. By the way, it is the she, in the family who likes to fish.

It would also be nice to walk the dogs more and get the camera out and have a few more bonfires… oh my did I just describe what you are supposed to do at the cottage?

I think I did.

It’s a very exciting weekend here, not only are we going up to get ready to open, but my BBF is coming up from New York. I’m taking her up to show her three years of work, she hasn’t seen it since the week we bought it. I am so excited. I can’t wait for her to see it.

When she last saw it looked like this.


the Love Shack
The front when we purchased the Love Shack


It now looks like this but with all the old siding off and covered with the home wrap paper covering the front. I guess I need a new picture.


The Front 3 Seasons later.


And she has never seen the inside, only in pictures. The last time she was up, I didn’t have the keys yet. She and I had stopped to buy artwork for the cottage, it will be nice to show her where we placed what she helped pick out.

I’m also looking forward to seeing our Cottage Friends and can’t wait to have them see how big Juliette is now.

Why yes it is, the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Making the list and we’re checking it twice…  And hopefully, the cottage has been nice over the Winter, no naughty would be appreciated cause that costs time and money.







9 thoughts on “Making the List and We’re Checking it Twice…

  1. WOW! What a transformation! I love it! Well done on neatly completing all your hard work and I hope everything will fall into place. We too are looking forward to buying a small bungalow in the country in the next couple of years after my husband’s retirement. He too loves fishing, so you have a kindred spirit there. By the way, what kind of fishing do you do? Peter prefers carp, but also enjoys barbel.

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    1. I do catch and release fishing. I prefer to stand on the shore or sit in the lawn chair chatting with my friends. When I was a kid we used to fish off the dock and that’s where it started for me. I think it brings back those memories.

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  2. Yesterday I stopped by a very small house in the high desert to see it to give the owner – my client – some suggestions about mural places. The little house is currently in the process of being restored – read a few new windows are in but there are big holes where plumbing will go, a total lack of kitchen, and rubble all over the rugs. I thought of your place and am so happy I get to see progress with you too soon.

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