Travelers, Please Pack Your Manners

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Looking out the window watching the white crap falling from the sky makes me think of only a few weeks ago when we couldn’t wait to escape the Great White North and head to the sunshine.

With the infamous Spring Break about to hit which brings crowed airports, cruise ships filled to capacity and crowded resorts, it makes me think of why I never travel on Spring Break but also what I have noticed over the last few years of traveling, that travelers need to pack their manors and bring them with them.

As I have mentioned in past post, we are travelers. With being fortunate enough to have traveled for the past thirty-two years and been on many cruises and have been blessed with having been to twenty-two counties, I have watched over the years that people have changed over the years.

So let’s talk about travelers etiquette.

When you arrive at the airport, I can that guarantee there will be long lines waiting to check into the airline. There will be even longer lines needing to go through customs.

This is part of the traveler’s journey. Getting frustrated, being short with the staff and stepping in front of people will not change this. Take a deep breath and know that you will get to your flight and they will not leave without you. Your seat on the airline will be waiting for you no matter if you are first in line or last.

When getting on and off the flight, you will have to wait for people to get in and out of their seats. You will also have to wait for people to get their luggage up and down from the carry on compartments. This too is part of travel.

Those of us who move a little slower related to age or health conditions, we know we have to move a little slower and will block up the traffic. You can ask for assistance from the airline in advance or you can simply let the line go before you. Again, I can promise you, the plane will not leave without you or with you left sitting in the seat.

Carry small bills and let the porters help you. If you are traveling with large amounts of luggage or have difficulty carrying your bags, let the porter help you. For the small tip of a few dollars, they will move you much more quickly and easier than you can do it yourself. The tip is an important part as their wages reflect the idea that they will get tips. Don’t forget the tip.

When arriving at the pickup bus, there is wonderful news for you. There will be a seat for you on the bus. Just like your airline seat, they have planned on how many people they are transporting.  You may not get to sit next to the person you are traveling with, but more good news, you have the whole trip to sit next to them.

Checking into the resort or on the cruise ship is also going to take time.  I’m sorry to disappoint you, but no you are not the only one who needs to be checked in or the only one on vacation.  The staff whats to get you checked in as fast as they can as they too are looking at the long line-ups in front of you and behind you. There is nothing they want to see more than those lines coming to an end. Breath again, you are almost there and your vacation is about to start.

So you are there. The sun is shining. The breeze is warm on your face. You can smell the ocean in the air. You have worked hard for this and saved for this vacation. To enjoy it more and allow others to do the same, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Moms and Dads, you chose to bring your family on vacation. That means you are responsible for them. The other people who chose not to bring their children do not want to spend time with your children. I am sorry to tell you this, as cute as you think Jonny and Susie are, not everyone else does.

Yes, I traveled with my children too. I still do to this day, only they are well-traveled adults today. So let’s talk about the kids.

No one wants to begrudge your children to have a wonderful experience and make a lifetime memory for you.

What no one wants on their also well-earned vacation is to have your child kicking their seat on the airline or in the show. They don’t want them jumping on the table next to them while they are trying to eat their dinner.  They do not want your child running through the dining room and almost knocking them over.  Nor do they want to go to the adults only pool to a have a quiet day and have splashing, running and screaming going on.

This sounds harsh. I know, unfortunately, I have had all those experiences and worst.

As parents, we are never off duty, not even on vacations.  For the safety of your children and the enjoyment of everyone, please keep an eye on your children.

Now you are checked into your room and the first thing you notice is the shower is dripping. You are short a towel. There are no facecloths.

Dorothy, I have some bad news for you. You are not in Kansas anymore. You are not at home. This is the hotel business and the travel industry. You are going to find that there are going to be imperfections. You can let the staff know and they will do their best to try to fix it for you. In the meantime, it’s minor. Don’t let it be the focus of your trip. If you do, you will find that you will start to become picky and irritated.  You will come home with a list of what was wrong instead of what a wonderful time you had.

On the other side of that, if there is something seriously wrong, let the staff know right way. When they come to fix it, say thank you. Thank you go a long way.

Even on vacation, we are going to stand in line. At the front service desk, you will find people standing in front of you. In the dining-room, most places will have buffets. Be courteous in these lines. The person at the front desk will get to you. In the dining-room stepping in front of people with full plates and servers with hot trays can cause an accident.

When you come to the pool or the beach, the chairs that have towels on them means someone is sitting there. Don’t remove them and take their seat. Most places allow towels to be left for an hour. This is because people have gone back to their room to get something, or are eating or have gone to the bathroom.

If the umbrella is between those chairs, do not take it. They have chosen those chairs and umbrella for a reason. You may have just come across someone with a small child or a person with sun or medication allergies and you have now just ruined their day and made it impossible for them to sit out and enjoy the day.

Smokers, ashtrays are not always available so you may have to go find one. Don’t assume you can just take someone’s ashtray.  Most people will be willing to share theirs with you. Ask if you can use it or where they got it. Most travelers are willing to help each other.

Non-smokers, bad news for you. In most countries outside of North America people are allowed to smoke in public places. Making a rude comment about it will not change that. Consider where you are sitting. If the smoke is bothering you, it is your responsibility to move.

When we are away, travelers share the dining-room, the beaches, the front lounge, and many other places and things. This includes the public bathroom.  Leave those clean when you leave.

My most important piece of advise that I will give you is think. You are on vacation. So are the other travelers, but the staff is not. Most staff are making servers wages. They are trying hard to make your vacation a good experience. They are hoping you will tell your friends and family about their place. They are hoping you will come back. Their jobs depend on it. Tips go a long way.  Consider tipping someone who does something kind or nice for you. They will remember it and you just may find you get a little better service, just like at home.

You are not in a hurry. You are on vacation. Use your patience, consideration and your manners. This way you will make good memories. After all, isn’t that what everyone wants on vacations.











10 thoughts on “Travelers, Please Pack Your Manners

  1. Love this post – so many truths.

    Everyone wants to get on the plane first and get off the plane first, then get out of the airport first lol 😆I read somewhere that the first people to check-in will often be the last people to get their luggage when they reach their final destination because the first pieces in are the last pieces out – so we might be better off being last in the queue to check-in!!

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  2. I totally agree with people not forgetting their good manners when they travel, in supermarkets or anywhere else. I too had the unfortunate experience of having a child sitting behind me on the plane kicking my seat all the time. I eventually turned around and asked him to stop. Parents seemed to be totally oblivious and unconcerned and did not apologise. We also had swimming pool taken over by teenagers and young adults playing with a fast zeppelin-shaped whizzing ball and we simply couldn’t swim. Why are people so thoughtless and inconsiderate?

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    1. My experience with the kicking of the seat was the mother knew and did nothing the entire plane ride and said well he is just a child. That went on for 5 hours. I don’t know what is wrong with people today. I know we never allowed it with our children and we would never have been allowed to act that way. Our parents would have put us in line real fast.

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  3. Everyone needs to practice theses manners when traveling. A lot of the issue regarding bad manners in general and especially when traveling is due to people being “selfish” if people would be more patient and understanding all would be good. People looking out for people would make this world a better place. Everyone is always in a rush and thinking of themselves when in reality we are here to help make a difference and by small gestures you can make an impact on others when traveling ie: helping someone take their luggage from the overhead bin or letting someone off the plane prior to you. ☺️

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    1. I think the expression goes this way, one small step for man in a step for mankind. The best we can do is do these things ourselves and hope others will follow. We practice these habits and occasionally I am know to say things like, let the lady in front of us go or gee I wonder who left that compartment open, that tall guy back there will hit his head coming through. Remarkably, the compartment gets closed and the person rushing behind us stops. I find this tends to work without pointing fingers. I am not sure what happens to people when they leave their controlled areas like work, but somewhere along the way, they seem to forget to pack their manners.


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