Housework and Dogs

Housework and dogs. Now there’s an oxymoron.

Getting back from our trip, there are things to do, things to undo and things that needed to be done before we went away that got left behind.

Then there is Romeo and Juliette who is trying to help.

Unfortunately, their version of trying to help and mine don’t seem to coincide.

Trying to make the bed includes trying to remove them from the bed.




It also includes trying to wake them up, but when they are sleeping like this, it almost seems cruel to break up the love affair.

Sweeping the floor means trying to get them to not stand in the pile of dirt you just swept up and folding laundry means chasing Romeo around to get your socks back.

But the kitchen is the most interesting place in the house.

We have a small kitchen both at the house and the Love Shack.

Romeo is now weighing in at 113 lbs and Juliette is up to a whopping 60 lbs.  Add those two to the small space and it’s climbing over dogs to move around. Since the kitchen is their favorite place in the house, yes it’s the place of food, getting them to exit is like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube.

It should be interesting this year at the Love Shack with them both busy growing away. Juliette has another nine months to grow and Romeo should have stopped six months ago but seems to have decided not to do the norm. At this rate, we might have to put an addition on the Love Shack after all.

No just kidding, let’s finish what we started before we add the addition.

We are two months away and it will back to the cottage and another house to clean while climbing over the dogs.

They say when you have kids, it never ends. That works for furbabies too, especially this time of the year when the snow is still falling but their winter coats start their blow out.

When old MC Donald wrote his song it went like this, there a chick chick here and a chick chick there, he forgot about the dogs in the song. If he would have added a verse it would have went like this, and there’s dog hair here and a dog hair there…

Well back to trying to defeat the impossible.

Two months till we start working on the Love Shack again. Time to start planning this year construction and, yes, getting the materials together including the cleaning supplies.




6 thoughts on “Housework and Dogs

    1. We laugh about Juliette’s white dog hair. After our last cat died, we had four, we said no more cats cause of the hair. I open my luggage when we get away and on my clean clothes is Juliette’s white hair.


  1. Oh, how this resonates! As a ‘Twenty-First Century’ old f**t I do my best to take a share in the housework, something Honey, our 33 kilo Labrador appreciates not at all. The only cleaning process she finds acceptable is hoovering, with the proviso that I hoover her as comprehensively as possible first.

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