Romeo’s Version of Christmas

They brought a tree in the house and covered with light and balls that we can’t play with. They make us leave the sticks in the yard and they bring a whole tree in and hang on it toys you can’t play with. These humans do the strangest things. But I do have to admit, it’s a nice place to take a nap under.

Mommy has been baking and we helped too. We tasted the cookies and licked all the bowls. We also cleaned up anything she dropped on the floor. In our house, we are the five-second rule.

She put packages under the tree and some of them smell like something we would like to eat, but Mommies says they are not our kind of treats.

Then she bought us some Antlers tied to a string and she put them on our heads. I chased my sister around the house pulling off her red ones and she grabbed my green, why Daddy tried to shoot pictures.

That was a fun game. I don’t think it went as planned but we got lots of treats why they tried to make us sit by the tree.

Next, they took off the antlers and I got a tie and my sister a bow, and around the family room, we did go. Finally, we got tired and more treats came out and Daddy was able to get in a shot.


rom and Julis 1st christmas
Juliette and Romeo


Mommy says it’s only a few days until Santa Puppy will be loading his sleigh and bringing presents for us to play.

She says he brings presents to only the best puppies and we are always on the good list.

My Nono will come and he will bring me presents too. He will bring cookies and we will sit on the couch and he will share cookies with us two.  This year my sister first Christmas in the house. Nono and I will teach her how this is done.

Then Aunties will come and my Uncles too, bring more presents for you know who. By the time the day is done, we’ll have lots to chew.

We don’t really understand this thing called Christmas. But we seem to have fun. We got lots of petting and kisses too, and then there are extra yummy things too.

We hope your Christmas is as good as ours.

Romeo and Juliette too

9 thoughts on “Romeo’s Version of Christmas

  1. Oh my goodness, this is the cutest post ever. There is seriously just something about doggies and Christmas. Hope to see more from you two starstrucks soon! Oh, and PS, don’t follow the path of your namesakes, yeah? Doggiehood? So much simpler.

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  2. Benji Says – I don’t understand how daddy can bring a whole tree into the house yet gets upset if I try to bring a stick inside. I don’t understand this whole presents thing either. We still have our visitor staying with us. He was only supposed to be here for a few days but it’s been a month now and he will be with us for a little while longer. His name is Dougal and his daddy is very ill and so we have to look after him until his daddy gets better. He’s ok, I have someone (other than my daddy) to play with and share various places on our walks.

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