A Number I Never Thought I Would See

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I remember when I first started this blog two and a half years ago. I thought who would really want to read about our life and our little cottage.

My writing classmates and the teacher encouraged me to write the blog and so I did.

I remember when I got so excited when it was read by the first 100 times and here we are, 20,000 views later.

Along this journey, I have had some good blogs and some not so good blogs.

The cottage has had some good days and some not so good days.

I have made some blogging friends and I have other blogs I now follow too.

Along the way hopefully, my writing has improved.

I hope along the way that we have made you laugh.

I hope you tried a new recipe.

And I hope that along the way we have encouraged you to see, that when all seems difficult, with a little determination and persistence what seems like something without hope, like our Love Shack once was, what can be done.

Thank you for all your feedback and interaction.

And here’s to the next 20,000 views.

22 thoughts on “A Number I Never Thought I Would See

  1. I am excited to read the rest of your blogs! I just read the introduction about your losses of friends and family. OMG! I cannot believe that about your husband. The exact thing happened to mine! His heart rate was 26 and he needed a pacemaker due to the same thing. Two surgeries later, because the wire kept falling out, he was transferred and had a third. It took this time! He is doing great. Will be reading your other stories!

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    1. Welcome to my world and I am glad you also had the same good outcome. Scary stuff and life-changing. I hope you learned what I did about not waiting for tomorrow. Life is a gift. Merry Christmas.


  2. Congratulations on reaching an amazing milestone! I can only hope that people find even 1/10 as much enjoyment from my humble blog. Keep writing, inspiring, bringing smiles and laughter…and here’s to the next 20,000! Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day and all Best Wishes to you and yours for a Happy, Healthy 2019!

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      1. Thank you for the encouragement! You and my friend Patti, who also writes a wonderful blog, inspire to keep going. You might like to read her blog here on Word Press called “The Way to The Clearing”…I think you would enjoy her writings about living in a beautiful area in rural Vermont.

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