The Christmas I’m Sick Poem


sick in bed


As the children were growing up, it seemed every year one of them would get sick. It actually was an abnormal Christmas if someone didn’t get cold or the flu.

Now the children are grown and I was reminded the other day when one of their friends posted that the kids were sick, just in time for Christmas. Oh yes, the sick at Christmas child. How I remember, and then I started feeling not so good myself.

There was something off. I was coming home from work and needing a nap that didn’t charge up my energy.

Then my throat felt kind of scratchy. Soon my ears were kind of painful and then it happened… The nose started to run…

Off to the Doctors I ran in a flash. As many of you who have followed my blog know, I had part of my bowel removed two years ago, combined with my Fibromyalgia, you know I’m going down hard and the bowel is where I’ll get hit the hardest.

And down I went.

That’s when I discovered there is something worse than a child sick at Christmas. It’s the one hosting all the Family Dinners getting sick.

With more time to sit than I had planned and much to still do… This poem popped into my head and I will share it with you.


The Sick at Christmas Poem

With cookie to baked

And stocking to fill,

Here I am home

Trying to swallow this pill.


One week to go

And then all will be here,

I am at home

stuck in this chair.


With cooking to do

And present to wrap,

I am at the mercy,

of the antibiotic trap.


To the person who shared

their nasty little bug,

This is not what we mean

when we say Share the Christmas Love.


From the Nurse in me.

If you are not feeling well, stay home. You will be missed, but at this time of the year with people being so active in the community, it’s not the time to share the colds or the flu.

Many people will still have to work over the holidays. Many caring for you or your family members. Many assisting you in the stores and restaurants and many other ways that you don’t even think of.

The flu is dangerous to the elderly or to those with suppressed immune systems. It can be fatal.

Cold quickly turn to pneumonia in children and the elderly.

Have a Healthy Merry Christmas. And if you are ill, the best gift you can give your loved ones is not to share.








11 thoughts on “The Christmas I’m Sick Poem

  1. Thanks for this timely reminder not to share Christmas Germs – my sis & I had plotted to meet this morning for our annual holiday breakfast, but her flu was too fluey (& I’d rather not get flu-gooey!) Hope you feel better SOON! A blessed holiday to you & your family. 🌟😷🎄😷🌟

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    1. Flu-gooey.. laughed like hell when I read that. I have never heard it put that way. You may have started something. I am getting better and should be at least 95 and non contagious by Christmas. Happy Hoildays to you also.

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  2. Hmm – is this blog safe? Will it infect my pooter and will my pooter infect me? It’s all very worrying. :o) Please get well soon and have an enjoyable Christmas with your family.

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