There’s a Mouse in The House

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Shake my head to my dismay, I can not explain it but it’s three years in a row there is a mouse in the house.

It really does seem like a vicious circle this game of mouse and me.

Every year, we find any small little gaps and block and fill them in. Each time we find them we think, that must be how they are getting in.

Each year we clean out the cupboards so no food is left behind. We shut off the water so there is nothing to drink.

We also turn off the heat and so it’s not warm and cozy, yet every year about this time, we go and check on the Lady and in the same drawer, the second the one on top, to the left, there is mouse poop…

Yes, mouse poop and to add it a torn up dish towel.


Now I would like to tell you that it’s the same smart mouse who keeps returning to my house, but you see the mouse’s’ fate is really quite grim.

On this visit I bring with me a jar peanut butter, no it is not for a gift for my uninvited friend but to place in the trap that will, well you know.

I will return in January and get rid of my remains of my uninvited guest.

There is never another to found after this fatal fear well and yet, somehow, each winter I find another who has found its way to my kitchen drawer.

It boggles my mind, how just one always seems to find its way in.



11 thoughts on “There’s a Mouse in The House

    1. I actually don’t mind mice. I think they are kind of cute. But not in the house. And how do they keep finding that same drawer? I considered emping it and then the thought of them moving in somewhere else, like my bed, canceled that thought.


  1. Mice can make themselves completely flat, so they can get in the smallest of gaps. It’s because your shack is empty, they see it as a safe place when you are not there. When we first moved in here (in the middle of rural France, with fields as far as you can see) the house had been empty for three years. Come autumn, in they came for their winter lodgings, only to find five cats, and two Welshies waiting to kill them! They never came back in again, and if they did, they died in the way nature intended. We do still have some rats living in the garden, but they are now being depleted by said cats and Welshies. All part of rural living my friend, all part of our adventure!
    Have a wonderful, serene Christmas.

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    1. I have them here in the suburbia too. We see them in the garden and one seems to always move into the sunporch. They are part of life. My concern is just what you noted, the cottage is empty so it concerns me how much damage they could do in one winter season.

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