Dear Lacie Questions and Answers

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Another month has flown by and it’s already almost the end of another year. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can now relate to what my grandmother once said, the older you get the faster time passes by.

This months question are more personal related which makes me happy to know that our bloggers are getting to know us and are following what is going on in our lives.

Thank you for that and the answers to the questions.


1)Dear Lacie, I have noticed that you don’t blog as much in the Winter, where do you disappear to?

Over the Winter months, we return to working on our home. It too is an older home and needs some love to get it to where it should be. We also try to do more family time as working most weekends on the cottage keeps us busy six months of the year.

This time of the year I work more in Nursing and also its the time of the year I start to book to Officiate Weddings for the next  Wedding Season. I also do more writing now, which I will cover in the next two questions. I promise to try to blog more.

2) You haven’t mentioned your book Only With Him lately, how is that going?

Honestly, slow. The surgery put me behind for months. I thought being home would give me more time to work on it but the shoulder recovery was a lot more than I expected. I’m still doing my second edit and am having difficulty finding the right person to do my professional last edit. I am open to references if anyone knows someone they have used and had good success with.

3) Do you have a planned release date for your Cookbook? 

I don’t at this time.  There is much going on with The Cottage Cookbook, including the pictures are still being shot for the cover and the inside. The recipes themselves are done. I’m now finding I may have to make a second edition because there are so many tried and tested that my taster can’t agree which are their favorites.

Thank you again for your questions, they keep me in touch with you. They also make me sit down and write, which sometimes I need a reminder to do.


2 thoughts on “Dear Lacie Questions and Answers

  1. Cool you are writing a cookbook! I have one at a publisher now. Cookbook/memoir. I do enjoy your postings, so you could post more often. (I probably drive people nuts posting every day– I didn’t used to, but it does get me working). I’ll have to look into your work.


    1. Thank you. I have made a self-promise to work more on my writing. It seems lately life has gotten very busy. The cold weather is coming so I will be more housebound. I will have to look at your recipes too.


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