Looking Through the Lens

Let’s start the blog with a Yeah… I’m back to work. And BOO… I’m back to work.

I’m happy to have almost full use of my arm again. The doctor says it will be a full year before I will have full normal range, but the pain is gone and I’m sleeping. So we will take that. It’s also good to be back to work, but really who wants to go to work. The lucky lottery numbers were not mine and so I had to return to the proverbial scene of the crime.

But before I went back, the weekend before, Husband, Jodi, the fur-babies and I got up to the Love Shack to start that insulation that we have been trying to do for months. The weather was finally cool and we got only a little bit of rain. We took advantage of that and got in a full day and evening of insulating.


The back wall and ceiling


The other side of the back wall.


The lower part of the front wall.


We also got in the last light fixture.

This little light moves to be refocused over the table.


The specially ordered window came in this week, missing last weekends install. Jodi and Husband are going up to finish the insulation and weather providing, put in that window. It’s my weekend to work so I won’t be able to go. But they are going to get the last of the insulation done.


The new only area left to insulate and where the new window goes.


I have ordered the last window for the cottage. That one will be waiting for Spring to be put in. For now, it’s covered in plastic. I look forward to having the new one as this one only opens about an inch at the bottom.


The last window is ordered.


The new kitchen has been designed. Next, I need to pick out the cupboards.

The hardwood floor is sitting in boxes waiting for Spring along with the drywall that will be going up.

OMG… We are saying the last of. I can’t believe after three years we are at “the last of” in our conversations.

That’s exciting, but you are not going to believe this… When it’s all done, I’m going to miss doing the construction.

Of course, knowing us, there will be yet another project.  But for now… The progress is happening. It’s now warmer inside the cottage and the difference in the noise levels are unbelievable. It’s so quiet you can’t hear any outside noises.

The other thing I noticed right away, with the dark colored wood covered, how bright it seems inside.

I’m hoping with the next update, we will not only have the insulation done but also the window. But you know, they are calling for rain this weekend…..AHHHHH

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