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Halloween is coming and it’s time for the witches to fly on their brooms. It’s also time for harvest and the time of celebration and respects for the ancestors.

This motivated me to take a look back. Being almost fifty-six, yes only a month away, I had to admit to myself that my Maiden days are over and my Mother days have passed which now put me in the rightful place of the Crone.

The looking back sent me to look back into my journals. I came across an entry from four years ago and I would like to share it with you.

You will be reading it as I wrote it.


October 25, 2014

I met this wonderful elderly lady last night, she too was a night-hawk. She shared her life story with me. Then she asked me, at age fifty-one, you have lived long enough to know that no one gets out of life without some bangs, bruises, and scars.

If you could give someone younger three pieces of advice what would you give them?

She left that with me to think about and I did.

I will see her tonight and I have thought about her question and I have this as my answer for her.

1) Everything in life cost something. Your time, your money or your emotions. Choose carefully what you spend it on.

2)  Life is a risk. From the time you get out of bed in the morning, you risk falling down or failing or succeeding. If you don’t get out of bed you take the risk of dying in your sleep and missing your life. Take the risk.

3) The human heart is the most fragile thing that we own. Once it experiences hurt, it never leaves, it’s something that we learn to live with. Be careful what you do to someone heart.

And this one is extra.

4)  “It is what it is” is only true when someone dies. On most occasions, we have choices.   If we accept it and do nothing to change, better or correct it, “It is what it is” becomes reality. But choice changes it from “It is what it is” to “what we make of it.” Make the choice and make things the best they can be.

 I am curious to hear her response.


October 26, 2014

I had time to spend caring for my elderly lady again. I will now call her not only a patient but an Elder. Someone that in a short period of time I have the privilege to know.

I shared with her the answer to her question.

Her response to me was… You have learned much in your life.  Keep making the changes.

It’s now four years since I had that conversation. The Elderly Lady has past and has become a memory.

I would like to add something else to what I would give as advice to someone younger. Something I learned from her.

5) The things we do and say in our lives stay with people long after we are gone from their lives. Make your words and action matter, someone will remember.


I would like to dedicate this Blog to Margaret. What she said mattered. Someone remembers.




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